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Diary of Dreams - reLive


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Raw, unpolished, with rough edges. Keeping the vibrancy and authenticity of the concert sound without brandishing or producing it to death. It is just what it is, and it is what it was: live. The recordings were not tampered with overdubs, cuts or new elements but kept the way they were. Which is why you feel the power unfolding and capturing your senses. Face to face with the energy and magic of a real concert experience – this is probably the best description of how this album turned out, recorded at Diary of Dreams' Grau im Licht tour in Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin in November 2015.reLive is also ideal for (re)discovering the live energy of one of the stalwarts of the dark music scene. On stage, the melancholic bombast excesses come alive as new and sometimes completely different experiences. If you haven't seen Diary of Dreams live yet, this is the best way to enjoy them.
Available from 16 September 2016 by Resurrection Records.


01 Schwarz
02 Sinferno
03 Malum
04 MenschFeind
05 Psycho-Logic
06 Krank
07 Butterfly:Dance!
08 Giftraum
09 Soul Stripper
10 Ikarus
11 Schuldig!

01 Choir Hotel
02 Mythology of Violence
03 The Colors of Grey
04 Dogs of War
05 Grau im Licht
06 A dark Embrace
07 Endless Nights
08 Undividable
09 The Plague
10 King of Nowhere
11 Kindrom
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2016-09-16 / News

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