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Diary Of Dreams

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Diary Of Dreams
Adrian Hates

Diary Of Dreams
Diary Of Dreams

Niemcy / Germany

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Music genere:
darkwave, electronic, Gothic


Band members:

Adrian Hates,


The German band Diary Of Dreams, whose style could be described as gothic/darkwave, was formed in 1989 by Adrian Hates and Alistair Kane. The results of their co-operation were visible yet in 1994 when their first album “Cholymelan” was released.

Two years later the duet returned with the album “End of Flowers”, which was released by the label Accession Records, whose owner was Adrian Hates himself.
In 1997 the album “Bird Without Wings' was out and the band's popularity and acknowledgment among the increasing number of fans was growing instantly.

The year 1998 witnessed the release of the album “Psychoma?”; at the same time Diary Of Dreams accepted two new members: Olaf Schaning and Christian Berghoff . “Moments of Bloom” - the best-of compilation and tat the same time the first album released domestically in the US was out in 1999. One year later the album “One of 18 Angels” joined the band's rich output and two years later, the fans could enjoy the album “Freak Perfume” and the EP “Panic Manifesto”.

The albums released in the following years, namely: “Dream Collector” (2003), “Nigredo” (2004), “Menschfeind” and “Alive” (2005) proved the mastery of the band's music and strengthened their position on the darkwave scene. The band's tracks also featured many compilations.Time wasn’t standing still, years were passing by, partly Diary Of Dreams was changing their personnel members, but even for a moment has it weaken the good creative and editorial form of the frontman, Adrian Hates, and the cooperating musicians. Confirmation of these words are titles of the next releases: MCD‘’The Plague’’ , ‘’Nekrolog 43’’ (2007), (if) and MCD ‘’King of Nowhere’’ (2009).

About every two years time Diary Of Dreams serves us a new position in their discography, and so it was with the next release in the beginning of 2011, hopefully promising well, DoD’s child, an album with a mysterious title ‘’Ego:X’’.

Diary Of Dreams concerts are specific disposals of charisma and art of enchanting the audience; they are always spectacular and extremely poignant. Output of the group, whose role in darkwave/gothic music is unquestionable, combines the music virtuosity with enigmatic, often poetic lyrics and constitutes a real rarity for the fans of the genre.

One and a half year after the extremely successful ‘Elegies in Darkness’, Diary Of Dreams return with an all new 12-tracks album! The overall feeling on ‘Grau im Licht’ (= Grey in Light) is unusually familiar – almost as if it was intrinsically tied to mankind. And yet, in the past few years it seems to be growing more and more acute. If you look at the world, it feels as if there is only one sensible reaction – to become emotionally numb or withering, or to despair completely. War, destruction, fanaticism, egoism, suffering and mourning as far as the eye can see. Everyone is fighting for themselves and for their own interests only, with nobody looking at the greater scheme of things. Just as always. This is precisely the main focus of "Grau im Licht", just as the media with its manipulation, do- minated by national issues. Therefore, the 12 songs of the 12th album by Diary Of Dreams are as dark and violent as can be expected. There is no shortage of grand gestures – dark rhythm bulwarks throw themselves against massive guitar strongholds, while electronic walls of sound carry Adrian’s charismatic vocals through the compositions. And of course the album also features the typical melodic-melancholic synth hymns and deep-delving ballads. Thus, this new work has become everything the perfect Diary Of Dreams album should be: powerful, melancholic, irate, rousing and thought-provoking! Besides, "Grau im Licht" has become a statement – against the epidemic madness and for empathy and kindness…

Raw, unpolished, with rough edges. Keeping the vibrancy and authenticity of the concert sound without brandishing or producing it to death. It is just what it is, and it is what it was: live. The recordings were not tampered with overdubs, cuts or new elements but kept the way they were. Which is why you feel the power unfolding and capturing your senses. Face to face with the energy and magic of a real concert experience – this is probably the best description of how this album turned out, recorded at Diary Of Dreams' Grau im Licht tour in Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin in November 2015.reLive is also ideal for (re)discovering the live energy of one of the stalwarts of the dark music scene. On stage, the melancholic bombast excesses come alive as new and sometimes completely different experiences. If you haven't seen Diary Of Dreams live yet, this is the best way to enjoy them.