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Different State

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Different State
Different State

Different State
Different State

Poland / USA

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ambient, electronic, industrial, Post-Industrial


Band members:

Marek Xavier Marchoff - analogues, tools needed
Laura Marchoff - enigmatic[k] voice, moog, korg vocoder
Tom Westbum - clarinet, sax, alto sax, trumpet, effects
Janusz Sokolnicki - lead guitar, tube amp, metal slide
Marcin Polak - electro cymbals
Droin - piano strings, bolt, screws, antique clock


The band was formed in 1992. First demo “grain” was released by themselves (1993).
Next year they released album “Yield”. In 1995 Soulcold (Pagan records sublalbel) published “Knar” in tape format.
The same year Marchoff left Poland and started a new life in USA.
Kpt SPARKY published “cardinal mosaic” and vinyl EP “Dew”.
In 2001 VIVO rec published “azure”CD.
After that Somnimage published the most exciting album “Elements” in USA.
Since 2003 Different State released their material for Requiem records.
In 2006 OVO ART published album “It Cleans My Wounds”.
Since 2007 Different State cooperates with Zoharum Collektiv. The effect of this cooperation: They published: “Spazmatic[k] Spell”, “Knar”(CD re-release) and newest album „Throught the falling Eyelid”.