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Job Karma

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Job Karma
Job Karma

Job Karma
Job Karma concert

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ambient, dark ambient, industrial


Band members:

Maciej Frett: synthesizer,beat frequency oscillator, functions generator , programming
Aureliusz Pisarzewski : synthesizer , guitar, beat frequency oscillator

Video Art:
Arek Baginski


Job Karma was formed in 1997 by Maciej Frett, Aureliusz Pisarzewski and Jacek Groszek as an audiovisual, electronic project from Wrocław. Band explores the trans-ambient area of postindustrial aesthetics. They use electronic instruments: analog synthesizers, PC, high and low frequency generators etc. creates rhythmical structures and dark landscapes in "neoindustrial" surroundings

Job Karma concerts present music in connection with video performance.Big screen projections, video installations, slide shows, light, strobe, smokes, dynamic and multicoloured pictures are mixed with minimal abstract and trance forms .Job Karma is in a permanent cooperation with video artists and all bands video tracks producers Arek Bagiński and Wojtek Majewski.