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Eyes Shut Tight

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Eyes Shut Tight

Eyes Shut Tight
Eyes Shut Tight on Nocturnal Culture Night 2011

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, industrial metal


Band members:

D.W.trashedsoul - vocals
John - guitars
Torben - guitars
jolene - bass
dp - drums
goyathlay - electronica


The number between six and eight is a very special one. We know seven weekdays, we may be in command of our seven senses (or may have lost them), there are seven seas in the world, and we may feel like being in seventh heaven… The Seven has always been a figure of magic and wonder.
To D.W. Trashedsoul, singer of Hamburg-rooted Violent Rock band EyesShutTight, this special figure yet hold...s another, even painful meaning. His mother died on July the 7th in 2007; a sorrowful fact that made D.W. get himself tattooed with three 7s.
’Strange enough, our guitar-player Kris bears the ‘7’ on three of his fingers’, D.W. reports. ‘When I saw him for the first time, this weird coincidence made me wish to invite him for a coffee in order to get to know him.’

Shortly before Kris had observed D.W. performing a gig with his former combo. ‘At once Kris had recognized that my heart and being actually did not belong to that band, that I was plainly fulfilling my function. He visited me after the concert and told me that I did not seem to be happy, and that my musical setting should be exchanged.’ Facts followed quite soon. D.W. left his old band, eager for new challenges, and soon afterwards he and Kris recorded the song ‘Mother Darksome’ in a small studio. This song grew to be a great success on Myspace. The two musicians then knew it as a sign that it was high time to found a band.

They chose their bandname of profound meaning – as most of their artistic statements use to dive deeply beneath the surface. ‘Eyes shut tight’ is their motto as well as their name. ‘Ever since our founding the band we had to struggle with mishaps and strokes of fate – moreover with people who tried to hinder us on our way. We shut our eyes and pressed on regardless. Yet moreover the name shall point out numerous people’s unwillingness to behold the world surrounding them.’
The first album ’Secret Destroyer’ (2010) represented a phase of artistic search. ‘We just let out everything that burdened our souls’, D.W. explains in the retrospective view. ‘Our leitmotif was to let nothing be unsaid. In musical aspects it all sounded very rough – but this experience helped us finding the way that we tread upon nowadays’.

The current line-up of EyesShutTight consists of D.W. (vocals/lyrics), Kris (guitar/lyrics), former Lady Bloody Mary-member Goyathlay (keyboards/vocals), bass-player Jolene and drummer d.P. In straight union these Five shaped the new opus named ’Fairground Zero’, an album full of energy and righteous anger that gazes into the deep abyss of fascinating emotions, roaming landscapes of dark wrath.

EyesShutTight won’t be stopped by incompetence and insensitivity, no matter from which side they may come down upon them. They will just shut their eyes and press on regardless.