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Fix8:Sed8 - " Dormicum" and "Humanophobia" - reissue
Fix8:Sed8, a project by Martin Sane, is set to release remastered versions of his early albums: "Dormicum" (May 2009) and "Humanophobia" (May 2006). The release of "Humanophobia" is particularly noteworthy as it documents Martin’s 2003 trip to Cambodia. This album includes the song "Killing Field," which reflects on the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s. During a four-month journey across Southeast Asia in 2003, Martin visited the Tuol Sleng museum and an interrogation center in Phnom Penh, experiences he describes as the most shocking he had ever encountered. Approximately 20,000 people were tortured and subsequently killed in a nearby killing field, a horror captured in the photos included in this album. The upcoming release also features an additional, previously unreleased song and a club remix. Pre-sales begin on April 18. For more details, contact the author directly.

Author: khocico
Translator: khocico
Source: / 2024-04-15 / News

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