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Flint Glass

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Flint Glass
Gwenn Trémorin

Flint Glass
Flint Glass

Francja / France

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Music genere:
dark ambient, idm, industrial


Band members:

Gwenn Trémorin


Gwenn Trémorin describes himself as a person who has always been into very different kinds of music. As an adolescent, he was fond of new-wave bands like: The Cure, Joy Division or Modern English. Indeed, melancholy of their music still has a strong influence on his own work. More recently he took a real interest in various types of experimental electronic music, with groups like: Arovane, Beefcake, Black Lung, Aphex Twin, Ammo, Panacea, Somatic Responses, Pan Sonic, Vromb… among many others. Inspired by their "peculiar" aural experiments and also by his friend Matthieu Maire from Celluloid Mata (who had just created his label with Steph Alt, "Vaccum"), Gwenn Trémorin decided to start his own label. Thus, in December 2000, Brume Records was born. Under the pseudonym of Flint Glass, he made his debut with the full-length album 'Hierakonpolis'. And indeed, he could not introduce himself in a more convincing way. This debut is described by critics as representing some of the most innovative stylings towards rhythmic noise and dark ambient genres. Production-wise this is quite a dark recording, staying clear of the crisp, punchy approach of artists such as Mlada Fronta, for example. Coldness and warmth are constantly fighting for predominance here and the quasi-total absence of vocals makes it an extremely visionary record which would be a perfect match for a number of movie soundtracks portraying scenarios varying from post apocalyptic to foggy northern woods, from lunar landscapes to horror aberrations. Deeply disturbing and yet unequivocally enjoyable and morbidly relaxing. .