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Przy sprzęcie 2011 - maj 7 / 11 - Marl, Niemcy.- Christina Sealey, Rich Oddie

WGT, Leipzig, 2015. Christina Sealey, Rich Oddie,

Kanada / Canada

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electronic, experimental, industrial, noise, Rhythmic Noise


Band members:

Rich Oddie - composer, producer of techno, industrial and experimental electronic music, synthesizers
Christina Sealey -  composer, synthesizers

Ex members: Aron West


For over a two decades, Orphx creates a unique fusion of electro-acoustic experimentation and propulsive dance music. Using an assortment of synthesizers, samplers, feedback systems, and various homemade instruments, Orphx combines the experimental aesthetics of early industrial music with the hypnotic pulse of techno, electro and dub.

Orphx began in 1993 in Dundas, Canada, as a trio consisting of Rich Oddie, Aron West and Christina Sealey. Oddie and West created the Xcreteria label to release the music of Orphx, drone side-project Antiform and related groups. West left in 1995 to pursue noise project Tropism with collaborator Johnny Dark and Orphx has since become the studio project of Rich Oddie, often working in collaboration with Christina Sealey on recordings and live performances.

Orphx has gained a substantial international following as part of the “rhythm noise” scene associated with European record labels such as Hands, Ant-Zen, Hymen, Ad Noiseam and Zhark. Oddie and Sealey have performed in numerous countries around the world, combining live audio with original video compositions that explore themes of social/psychological conflict, power and resistance. Each release has explored these themes from different angles and with different approaches to sound, ranging from minimalist soundscapes to relentless rhythm and noise.