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Front Line Assembly and Das Moon in Gdańsk

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On Oct. 30th, B90 held a show of Canadian band Front Line Assembly. The role of a support act was played by Polish Das Moon. Many fans were waiting for this event, as in recent years European tours usually omitted Poland. This time band also visited Kraków. The interior of B90 club turned out to be perfect place for heavy industrial electronic music of FLA. Audience had enjoyed themselves during both concerts.

Front Line Assembly was formed by one of the founders of Skinny Puppy, Bill Leeb and Michael Balch in 1986. First studio album "The Initial Command" was released in 1987. FLA’s music was rooted in the style of industrial and EBM. After two years Balch left the band and Rhys Fulber joined Leeb. Albums released at the turn of the eighties and nineties, among others "Tactical Neural Implant", gained recognition of fans and made them the most popular industrial group of these time. In the following years members changed many times but Bill Leeb always was the central part of the ensemble. Band’s music has evolved and works of FLA followed in the direction of lighter electronics. To this day group recorded 25 studio, live and remix albums. In 2013 "Echogenetic" was released, which is being promoted during the European tour.

Front Line Assembly began their concert at 21:30. After sounds of intro (remix of "Prototype" made by Hecq) on stage appeared band leader Bill Leeb accompanied by Jeremy Inkel and Rhys Fulber responsible for electronics, and percussionist Jason Bazinet. Fulber lately wasn’t active member of FLA and performed mainly as Conjure One, yet he joined the band as a special guest for 8 concerts. Front Line Assembly gave the audience energetic musical kick. During this concert band played songs from the new album like "Killing Ground", "Exhale" or "Blood" and older songs "Neological Spasm ("Hard Wired"), "Surface Patterns" ("Millenium") and "Mindphaser" ("Tactical Neural Implant"). The perfect addition to music was visualizations which contained among others biomechanical themes. Constant element of FLA concert is masking grid and it appeared also this time. Particularly great were these songs during which Bill Leeb and Jeremy Inkel were playing the drums. Band immediately established ​​contact with the audience and under the scene was really hot; people started pogo. Bill Leeb has so much energy that lots of young man can envy him. During the concert he told during that the band liked the club and shipyard area. The one and a half hour concert was finished by encore, cosisting of, among others "Ghosts" ("Echogenetic") and "Millenium" ("Millenium"). The strong sound of FLA could be fully appreciated thanks to excellent sound system in B90 club. I had the opportunity to be earlier on two concerts of this band in Germany but this will be my favourite.

Before Front Line Assembly, great support act was given by Warsaw-based trio Das Moon. Group appeared on polish alternative stage in 2011, when they released their highly acclaimed debut album "Electrocution". Band’s music combines elements of industrial, pop and electro. Das Moon consists of vocalist Daisy K, Dj Hiro Szyma nad Musiol. Currently band is promoting their second album "Weekend in Paradise" released on Oct. 17th.  The charismatic singer and musicians were great live, as usual. They presented songs from the first album ("Black Flag", "Smoke", "Street", "Electrocution") and from the new one like "Raven", "Colours", "Run", "Junkie", "Violent Lullaby" and "Pet". Great addition to the music were interesting visualizations. Musicians were warmly greeted by the audience and their performance was  a great warm-up before the headliner.
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