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Gary Numan - Exile

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After releasing "Sacrifice", Gary Numan found his new identity. Inspired by the works of the artists he inspired before (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), he finally began to make music for himself and not for charts – and that was the best decision he made recently. His albums were selling well again (the edition of "Sacrifice" was four times bigger than his previous longplay - "Metal And Soul") and critics started to praise them. "Exile", just like it’s predecessor, is filled with dark sounds of synthesizers, the cold of the drum machine and distorted guitars. The opening single "Dominion Day" is a great representation of the whole album. From so catchy songs, I can also mark out "Dead Heaven" and "Dark" (from the movie "Dark City"). There’s also a touching ballad "Absolution". In lyrics, "Exile" is a continuation of "Sacrifice", but here Numan no longer tries to convince, that God doesn’t exist at all – he just questions his mercy, because – like he said - "Personally, I don't believe in God at all, but if I'm wrong and there is a God, what kind of god would it be who would give us the world we live in?". It meant to be a concept album, but finally there’s only a one main theme, that recurs on the whole album: that God and Satan are on the same side. Musically, "Exile" is much more mature than "Sacrifice", there is completely nothing left after Numan’s musical past – maybe instead of the hit potential, which is a feature of almost every track, thanks to anthemic choruses. Numan sings in "Dominion Day": "Disciples, dark angels – this is dominion day". Well, for Numan – for sure.


1. Dominion Day
2. Prophecy
3. Dead Heaven
4. Dark
5. Innocence Bleeding
6. The Angel Wars
7. Absolution
8. An Alien Cure
9. Exile
Translator: alucard
Add date: 2008-12-18 / Music reviews

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