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Grendel - Harsh Generation

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"Harsh Generation" turned out to be quite nice surprise for me. After the "Soilbleed" EP which did not present anything special, I expected rather average album considering that in harsh-electro genre it is difficult to find anything worth listening. Grendel however rose to the occasion and even if "Harsh Generation" isn't turning-point album it is nice to listen to it and it is not boring. Whole album consists of eight five-minutes-long songs as well as intro and outro which give us all together forty minutes of music. The album's short introduction that sounds like Sci-Fi movie switches into dynamic and entrancing composition characterized by hard, melodic beat and ear-catching refrain. In fact this is the feature of all songs in "Harsh Generation" which is definitely the most dancing album of Grendel's. It is also worth to pay attention to the vocal which is much clearer than those in previous albums; lyrics oscillate between cyberpunk. Almost every song has something interesting to listen to, for example "Remnants" in which violin samples appear, unheard since "Prescription Medicine", and make noteworthy combination with industrial hum and hard sound of synthesizer. The next two compositions – "Dirty" and "Hate this" I associate with Combichrist music and album "Bind Torture and Kill' by Suicide Commando. Perhaps it is because of the simplicity of melodies and aggressive text of "Hate this"; similar is also characteristic "galloping" rhythm. Nevertheless I think it is not disadvantage of this album. I come back to it with pleasure and songs "Remnants" and "Void Malign" are often heard in my speakers. Limited edition bonus CD is also worth mentioning because it has additional ten remixes of main album compositions. In general they sound good and are kind of a supplement of album, as for many it may seem too short. "Harsh Generation" it's definitely not a mile stone in alternative electronic genre. It is however a very good album both for listening at home and for dancing at a party.

CD 1:
1. Intro
2. Harsh Generation
3. Void Malign
4. The Judged Ones
5. Remnants
6. B.A.A.L. (Deliver Me)
7. Dirty
8. Hate This
9. New Flesh
10. Outro

CD 2:
1. Remnants (Die Sektor Remix)
2. Void Malign (Amduscia Remix)
3. Hate This (Northborne Remix)
4. Remnants (Soman Remix)
5. Judged Ones (Fractured Remix)
6. Void Malign (Dawn of Ashes Remix)
7. Hate This (H-Fusion Remix)
8. Dirty (Urkom Remix)
9. Hate This (Caustic Remix)
10. Judged Ones (C-Drone Defect Remix)
Translator: Antares
Add date: 2007-11-27 / Music reviews

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