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Haus Arafna

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Haus Arafna
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Haus Arafna
Haus Arafna

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, noise, power electronics


Band members:

Mrs. Arafna - voice, texts, production
Mr. Arafna – composition, electronic, voice, texts, production


Haus Arafna is a industrial/power electronics/noise group from Germany. It has two members, simply known as Mr. and Mrs. Arafna, both of whom also work together in November Növelet, and run The Galakthorrö Label. The name of the project comes from the name of a home for men who were suffering from epilepsy in XIX century. Next the building has been used by Friedrich Mennecke during Second World War to kill disabled people there. The Arafnas explain, that they were inspired by the Mennecke's letter to his wife, and this place as the symbol of their thematical area of interest, which moves in and around the abyss, to plumb the morass of the human mind. The building as such is taken to represent a glance beneath the surface – a listening through walls, the glimpse through the keyhole – with the knowledge that very often the truth lies hidden, and must be sought out. When asked how can they describe their music, they replied: „oscillators instead of instruments; frequency modulation instead of notes; voltage control instead of computer control; abstraction instead of perfection; reduction instead of saturation; high density instead of high fidelity; energy instead of entertainment”.