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iNsCissorS - The Circus Of Ichneumons
iNsCissorS returns with its fourth full length release "The Circus of Ichneumons", delving deeper into the cinematic themes hinted from previous works. Within the four acts of the album, expansive melodies ranging from baroque to ethereal and avant-garde create the soundtrack for a film or a theatrical play, that aches to be realized.
Vincent Andelmoth is the director of this dream act, Aimaproject the main narrator and the rest of the cast is full of special guests, including Maciej "Dragos" Mehring from Bisclaveret, Evor Ameisie, Michiel Spape from H.E.R.R. and Annamaria Bernadette Christian.
This imaginary travelling company introduces to us the life cycle of the ichneumons. The mysterious members of this circus satirize the pestilence of man over nature and its similarities with the parasitic insect. Parasites can be found amongst all species.


01: Prelude ( Incubation)
02: Nothing Moves Here - Session I
03: Dust & Light
04: ΥΒΡΙΣ (Hubris)
05: Ate & Litae
06: Interlude I - The Ichneumon Queen's Chamber
07: Nothing Moves Here - Session II
08: SideShow Music II - The Hominoid Helminth
09: SideShow Music III - Inside The Circus Of Ichneumons
10: Small Quiet Music & The Old Sleeping Manor
11: Interlude II - ΛΕΒΙΘΑ (Helminth)
12: Nothing Moves Here - Session III
13: The Carrion Symposium
14: Nemesis
15: Final Interlude - SideShow Music III (Reprise)
16: Nothing Moves Here (The Voices Made Me Do It)
17: Nothing Moves Here - Session IV

Author: Schizev
Translator: Schizev
Source: / 2014-04-27 / News

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