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Interview with Anima Virus

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Aurelio frontman Italian Gothic-Electronica Band Anima Virus it tells about me and about one's debut album "End of the Eden"

Hi Aurelio,
thanks for taking your time for conducting the interview.

Maybe you should introduce yourself a bit to our readers/listeners as they may not know you yet that well.
You have been around since 1996. Can you disclose some more about the work and history of "Anima Virus"?

A: The Anima Virus project was born as strictly personal requirement to represent musically some daily concerns, for example the social alienation, cynicism, the psychich oppression,the unbridled materialism, the painful sensation of the end of an age and the total changement of the nature.

What does the name "Anima Virus" stand for?

A: The name of the project was born by the way of a mix of wordplay and meanings which often are coincident in different languages too and having like etymological basis some terms of the ancient latin and grecian languages.The term "anima"means Human spirit, awareness of the man which united to the term "virus"(venefica substance and evil essence) create a broad meaning about the humanity reflextions and its actual condition. I think that humanity has lived and is living its own destructive evolution owing to its own action on this planet like a virus.Its a name which includes a reflection about the distress and extreme disquietude of the single "virus"-man, who understand its own condition, nature and Corrupt world around himself.

Your album "End of the Eden" has been released a few days ago. The name has inspired me on many speculations before listening to your music. What is this the core or common topic? Is it meant to be a concept album?

A: From the end of the eden, the perioud of our inevitable transgression, spring the suffer and constant Impulse to reach a gothic threshold. A strictly contact with an entity or a civilization which pulverize the antropocentric illusions. It could be interpreted like a concept album setting the atmosphere present inside the pieces, their sonorous scenery,like an immersion inside of many strong reflections about the origin and passions of the man, illusions and conquests. In this way its a concept album. But the correlations between a piece and the other one are less directs.

When listening to your music, I personally feel a touch of old gothic bands and David Bowie in it. What are your musical heroes and influences?

A: Yes, i was very influenced from some storic bands of the goth scene(more than other:Christian death, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Play Dead, Neon), but from Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Elvis, Roxy Music, Billy Idol, Japan and Duran Duran too, and many other several genres distant from gothic rock! I want to punctualize that many music defined "goth of dance hall from 90 th age has not me influenced …and i think that this difference is visible.

Despite "normal" contemporary gothic bands, you enrich your sound with electronic flavours which make it sounding much more fresh an new. How do you create the songs?

A: I create a concept, an idea, immaging a piece. I isolate myself. I contemplate it again. I play the sequencer, all my instruments and let go all my ideas which generate high and black sound waves….However is not easy to reproduce all the passages which combine to create every piece of the album.I ve not a standard manner to programme my music.

If you are asked to describe your style of music, what would you say?

A: Obscure, original, diseased, catchy and rich of shades. Often the people say that my pieces are goth-hits completely unfashionable. This is for me very gratify. I dont like to adjust me to the scene and floating in it. I dont want to remain in an uninspired and ripetitive scene.

In your songs I perceive a strong philosophical background. Are you interested in such topics, or in biblic backgrounds like "Eden"?

A: It interests me much, from the historical point of view, the hypothesis of the real existance of the Eden many years ago on this earth (or around it), that was happened a sort of rebellion of the human race against a superior race, which has allowed a cultural and physical extinction. I think so that there’s strong correlation between images and the representation of the divine and superhuman concepts very similar in the more ancient populations and culture of this planet.

Who or what is Zdzislaw Beksinski? Is there a story behind it?

A: Zdzisław Beksiński (1929 –2005) was a renowned Polish painter. He created very disturbing images, showing a surrealistic, post-apocalyptic environment with very detailed scenes of death, decay, landscapes filled with skeletons, deformed figures and deserts. The cold surrealism, the unnervy dream visions, the post-apocaliptyc silences of the artist have me strongly influenced. For this reason i ve tributed to him an histrumental track in "End of the Eden" looking for reproduce by sonoric key the agonizing and dilated atmospheres of its own pictures..

If you sing about Adam, where did you leave Eve behind? ;-)

A: In the track Adam i describe by the use of metaphoras the genesis of the human race, which could be just a bit different from the point of wiev of mr Darwin! But different from the hidden truths of the ancient writings. It will exist a new track called Eva which will talk about the man and its spirituality: symbolically the other face of the moon. The hidden face where are the ancient wises come from the sky. Maybe i twill be present in my future productions.

How comes that a Italian band has such a strong influence from Californian death-rock bands in it sound? Have you lived there once?

A: I ve never been in California, but many lps which listened were products from there!

I have listened to the Echo and the Bunnymen-cover a lot and I have been surprised to get the song interpreted by somebody else at all. Why did you choose to cover that specific song of that great band?

A: Killing Moon is a song that i ve always appreciated. It s a dreamy and extremely romantic piece. The cover of mine is a more decaying and "poisonous"version.

I have sadly never see you performing live yet. Are there any plans to go on tour?

A: Surely, our intentions are to do some concerts in Europe this year. Visualizing you will be informed about our future concerts. For any further information contact us to this email: [email protected]

Talking about the future, what are your plans for the future of "Anima Virus"?

A: To suggest my music, to have a good impact on the market, to play in Europe and world. To evolve myself, to overcome the gothic threshold.
Translator: Schizev
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