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Kirlian Camera offers 2nd single from new album - Götter, geht weg!



The Italian band Kirlian Camera releases the track "Götter, geht weg!" (translated from German as "Gods, go away!") as the second single from the forthcoming new double album "Radio Signals for the Dying". The release date of "Radio Signals for the Dying" has been slated to February 23, 2024.
Kirlian Camera comments: "Gods, go away, as you are not worth being here, if this is what you created, if this is what you do best", vocalist Elena Alice Fossi declares. "The pitiful caricatures that have been pointed out to us as ‘gods’ are not even worthy of our hatred. Not least because we know much more evolved entities than that rubbish called – precisely – ‘gods’. In the fury of time-that-doesn’t-exist, our spiritual laziness creates god and the gods."

The video for the track "Götter, geht weg!" can be see below.
Author: Panic
Translator: Panic
Source: / 2024-01-12 / News

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