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Kirlian Camera

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Kirlian Camera
Kirlian Camera at M'era Luna 2013

Kirlian Camera
Kirlian Camera at M'era Luna 2013

Włochy / Italy

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, industrial


Band members:

Elena Alice Fossi
Angelo Bergamini


Kirlian Camera is one of those special music projects that will have connoisseurs raving on about how good they are with glowing eyes, that manages to fuse sonic experiments, club-compatibility, anthemic pathos and a wholly unique aura into a one-of-a-kind experience and that has been able to span generations of fans.

Founded in the Spring of 1980 by Angelo Bergamini, the band has been releasing albums with music that can be of exceptional beauty, ingrained with experimental fury and imprinted with a sparkling catchiness over the past three decades – sounds without bounds that all carry that unmistakable Kirlian Camera trait.

Anthems like “Eclipse”, “Heldenplatz”, “K-Pax” or the more recent, mesmerizing epos “E.D.O. – Europa Drama Orbit” are mandatory spins at underground discos around the world and the band is fervently worshiped by its fans at live shows.

Since 2000, the creative core of the band consists of Angelo Bergamini and the highly charismatic and strong-voiced singer and performer Elena Alice Fossi, who was also part of the project “Stalingrad” with Bergamini and who helmed “Sideratica”, the project that has now evolved into the highly successful all-girl indie-band Spectra*Paris.

After the critically acclaimed mini album “Shadow Mission: Held V” and the anthologies “Odyssey Europa” and “Not Of This World”, Kirlian Camera started working on their single “Winged Child Sitting On A Bench Watching Obscure Clouds Getting Closer While People Seek For Shelter“, an intense appetizer for the upcoming album that as Bergamini says “will capture the essence of Kirlian Camera like never before.” With a tour, big festival gigs and the probably best album they have ever recorded, Kirlian Camera are adding an impressive, new piece to the puzzle of their own legend in 2011.

Kirlian Camera returns with a single "Ghlóir Ar An Oíche" (Glory Of The Night). It features an exclusive, new instrumental track titled "I Gave You Wings - I Gave You Death", a vocal version will be included on the upcoming album, and a massive reworking of 1998’s "After Winter", which is re-recorded.

In 2015 came out old material, written and recorded from 1989 to 1991, released for the first time ever and originally conceived to be the accompanying single for the album "Todesengel - The Fall of Life". The quality of these tracks, directly from the archive and saved by miracle, is typical of the Kirlian Camera's sound of the late 80s, but also more deserted and suffered, announcing the icy career of the near future. The 5 tracks are intense and drammatic, starting with the opening "Lights from Poland" that is a brilliant instrumental also included in the LP-Picture Disc edition of Todesengel (Triton 1998). A great opportunity to discover a real piece of history.

"Radio Music A" is a brand new ‘Best of' by Kirlian Camera, not just another old collection of tracks but a fresh and very well balanced combination of more radio-friendly/dancefloor-oriented tracks, alongside classic New & Cold Wave atmospheres + a number of suprises, including 4 previously unreleased tracks/versions! The CD comes in a nice digipak including a 12 pages booklet. A collection of smashing tracks spanning a 35 years career of the most famous Italian electro act around!