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Miss FD

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Miss FD
Miss FD

Miss FD
Miss FD


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darkwave, Gothic, industrial, synthpop


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All music: Miss FD
Live: Miss FD, Static23


Miss FD is a dark electronic music artist, songwriter, producer and performer. Miss FD’s music is unified by a distinctive vision, brought to life by creative, textured synth work, imaginative song structures and malevolent beats – all graced with seductive yet dangerous vocals.

Miss FD’s first full-length album to emerge from her dark electronic project was Monsters in the Industry – a raw, elegant, and dangerous offering that has garnered some of FD's strongest reviews to date. The track "Enter the Void" also led to the launch of Miss FD's first official music video.

2011 brought the debut of Love Never Dies - the darkest turn in FD's musical path, and a haunting lyrical exploration of pain and despair. Like its predecessor, the album received a wave of positive reviews, declaring it "wonderfully beguiling" and "sheer musical artistry."

Building on a strong fanbase both live and online, FD’s increasing impact on the world of electro-industrial/EBM has also led to collaborations with other leading artists, including Ghost & Writer, Empusa, Anguisette, and END: The DJ.

On June 18th, 2013 Miss FD released her 3rd studio album, Comfort for the Desolate. The album has already earned numerous positive reviews, proving that Miss FD continues to set a high bar. An expansion on her previous work, "Comfort for the Desolate" continues in the mode of intensely personal lyrics exploring difficult philosophical concepts—identity, existence, consciousness and meaning.
With a haunting yet playfully enchanting undercurrent throughout her work, FD's infectious, dark melodies create an atmosphere of mischief and mayhem that leaves darkwave and industrial fans craving the output of her next musical incarnation.