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The Twilight Garden

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The Twilight Garden
Todd Loomis

The Twilight Garden
The Twilight Garden

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, Gothic Rock, post-punk


Band members:

Todd Loomis - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Bryan Erickson - Keyboards
Chris Kutz - Drums,


The Twilight Garden is Todd Loomis. Todd has also done recent work with the versatile electro-industrial project Velvet Acid Christ (VAC) with founder Bryan Erickson (Metropolis Records). Shortly after the completion of the last Velvet Acid Christ album (Lust for Blood), Todd began work on The Twilight Garden. Todd has been the primary song writer, lyricist, vocalist, and guitarist in several different bands, including The Trucelent, Spiderhead, Removed, and The Farthest Shore. He also played guitar and wrote extensively on keyboard for the Denver, Colorado, USA based act Decanonized. Over the years, his bands have played hundreds of live shows, playing together with many acts such as The Church, Gene Loves Jezebel, Hate Department, Thorazine, Seraphim Shock, Rorschach Test, and many more.   Todd attended and graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a Bachelor of Music, emphasizing in music engineering. While at the university, he studied music history, theory, composition, and piano performance, in addition to his main focus, music engineering. Now, with a bit more experience behind him, Todd created The Twilight Garden. According to Erickson from VAC, The Twilight Garden far surpasses all of Todd's previous efforts, and absolutely needs to be heard.