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New album from Tikahiri!


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The way for prevailing winter? Sons of Sun! Tikahiri reveals details and trailer of new album.
If you wonder, how to warm up during ongoing winter in Europe, you no longer have to look around. Four Sons of Sun, Tikahiri (in tuamotu "blood"), published a cover of a new album and its tracklist. Polynesian band guarantees that climate on "Son of Sun" is hot and hard, a rock-metal punch, as usual refined and sophisticated by melancholy and cello's juicy play.
Fragments of their fourth album you can listen at here.
And here you can acquaint with a longer mix of "V8 Car" track and album's lyrics.

01. Mars
02. I Will
03. V8 Car
04. Chalala To Me
05. Yeah
06. Son of Sun
07. Put You Underground
08. Get Closer To Me
09. Talking To Myself
10. Dying Young
11. Wolf
12. Lost In Space
Author: RobertSaligia
Translator: hellium
Source: / 2015-01-29 / News

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