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New EP from GPKISM
GPKISM presents on the "Barathrum"' EP a dramatic sound combining baroque and EBM with the operatic vocals of GPK and the gothic guitar of Kiwamu. Their long-awaited new EP is based on the concept of Countess Elizabeth Bathory.
In addition to new songs mixed by KIKU (Camino), who is also known as a songwriter for Hamasaki Ayumi, it also includes remixes by nine bands from both Japan and abroad: Kalm, Leaether Strip, Bespa Kumamero, AKIRADEATH, HimemaniK, BAK XIII, marlee, Noir du'Soleil and George Priniotakis.

Out 26 august on Darkest Labyrinth

01. Barathrum
02. Strages
03. Cruor(instrumental)
04. Barathrum (Kalm Remix)
05. Barathrum (Leaether Strip Remix)
06. Barathrum (Monkichi BESPA KUMAMERO Remix)
07. Strages (AKIRADEATH Remix)
08. Barathrum (HimemaniK Remix)
09. Barathrum (BAK XIII Remix)
10. Strages (marlee Remix)
11. Strages (Noir du'Soleil Remix)
12. Barathrum (George Priniotakis Remix)
Author: mashenah
Translator: mashenah
Source: / 2009-09-01 / News

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