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Magda and Olaf

Magda and Olaf

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electro, Electroclash, electronic, synthpop


Band members:

The band consists of Magdalena Kaspryszyn (vocal, lyrics, songwriting, keyboards) and Olaf Karbowiak (programing, sampling, keyboards, songwriting).


Nun was created in 2000.The name of the band comes from Egyptian mythology in which Nun is a primal god. The snake god Nun was the personification of the swampy water chaos (called Nun) from which the world emerged. From it came four couples of serpents and frogs who represented - water, infinite time, darkness and void. The name of the band reflects not onle th efascination of ancient Egypt but also the attitude of the band trying to search for new directions in music being inspired by th eclassical forms. The lyrics of the songs written by the singer are as important as the music itself and describe the feelings and emotions a human being is acompanied by on their searching for their own identity in the contemporary world and their own way of self-fulfillment.
The band was created after the break-up of a previous rock band with similar roots (nu wave, guitar psychodelic pop). The band was called Len and took an active part in many local gigs and music acts. A year after, in 2001 Nun recorded a demo called "This Is Electro Pop" including 14 songs in electroclash style with some influence of New Romantic and Synth Pop.
The demo was sent to three most powerful and meaningful labels on the Polish market – one of them reacted positively. In the meantime the band also gave their first show at the presentation of independent bands in Wrocław in 2001. This led them to a Polish TV3 programme on which they presented their first song called "Silence". The thirty-minutes-long programme was called “Wkret", Poland. Atfer that in 2002 the band released a song on a “Football-EP” for Sissy Rec./BMG Poland. Nun`s contribution to the record was a cover of a song from the 70`s devoted to Polish football team. The band appeared there next to such well known Polish bands as: Homosapiens, Futro and Cool Kids Of Death. It was also the first Polish song in an electroclash style which makes the band an unquestioned forerunner of this style on Polish music market.
Half a year later the songs "Stop!" and “I Don`t Know How” appeared also on the soundtrack of a Polish science-fiction thriller called "Arche". In 2003 Magda was noticed and appreciated by one of the most famous and respected Polish electronic and pop music producers Andrzej Smolik and she was introduced to take part in his project.She appeared on his second, very well received and crucial for Polish club scene album called “Smolik 2” with a song called "Or". At the same time, as a result of cooperation with German DJs and producers ( Falk Berger, Steve`n King and Rico Piller ) many interesting remixes were created and some of them such as   "Stop ! ( Falk Mix )" or "Blind ( 80s Mix )" became download hits on internet music charts such as Vitaminic or
In October 2003 a portrait of the band appeared in Syntchetics - a German magazine devoted to synthie pop, electro and alternative music, which was the first seroius and complimentary article in a  magazine devoted to our first demo material. In spring 2004 Nun finished working on a new sound which found its reflection in the new material prepared for our second demo album “This Is Electro Pop”. It consisted of twelve partly old and partly new sounding and technically improved songs which were enthusistically wlcomed by reviewers of such important Polish music magazines as Life, Independent, Alternative Pop and many more including an article in one of the the most powerful Polish daily newspapers - Gazeta Wyborcza.
After finishing the material wthe duo started playing concerts (Wroclaw, Lodz, Gdynia) and performing on festivals (Berlin- Calyx Festival, Szczecin- BEWT Festival next to Psyche and Spektralized, Waroclaw Independent Festival next to Transglobal Underground and Armia) with a wonderful reception of the audience. In November 2004 Nun did a remix of “More Love More Suffer” – a song by Agonized By Love released by Alfa Matrix. The remix appeared on "Close Behind You" EP next to the remixes of Sero.Overdose, Rotersand and many more. In the meantime the song “Stop!” was released on a compliation “Stromschlag 2” (Electroschock Rec.) next to such bands as Dead Sexy and others. In January 2005 a review of the promo material appeared in Metica – a Swedish music magazine. The reviewer said: "Last time I heard something as good was when I heard Data,  Human League or OMD`s longplay (...) in 1983 ...Or when I heard electroclash bands like Ladytron or Freezpop for the first time." which proved that the band`s music is not only on a high level but also appreciated by professionals. In January 2005the duo created a remix for the legend of electro and synth - Psyche. The remix of "Defenseless", a song from the album “The 11th Hour” appered on a compilation called "Yet Another Electro Compilation Vol 2" released by a French electro webzine YAEW in May 2005. In June 2005 our song "Here 4 U" appeared on a complilation released by Synthphony Records in the USA next to such bands as The Twins and Colony 5.
In the beginning of July Nun signed a contract for an album "This Is Electro Pop" for an independent Swedish label Substream focused on electro, future and synth pop music. In September Nun appeared an a compilation released by Sequence Records called "Best Of Polish Synth ". It was the first comilation of this kind in Poland promoting the most interesting artists from Polish electro and synthpop scene. The compilation included three exclusive versions of songs : "Stop!", "I Don`t Know How" and "Vision Of Life". In October 2005 the band was invited to take part in the first edition of  one of the biggest Polish festivals of electronic music, Free Form Festival, taking place in Warsaw. Nun played next to such artists as Client, Telepopmusik or Herbaliser.