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Super Girl & Romantic Boys

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Super Girl & Romantic Boys
Super Girl & Romantic Boys

Super Girl & Romantic Boys
Super Girl & Romantic Boys

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Electroclash, electronic


Band members:

Ewik - (Ewa Malinowska) - vocal
Kostja - (Konstanty Usenko) - synthetizer, vocal
Lord Mich - (Michał Wróblewski) - guitar
Phil - (Filip Rakowski) - drums, sekwencer


They started in 1998 in Warsaw, in the age of techno and when hip hop in Poland has just been discovered. Nobody knew that in a few years music and style of the 80’s would be most fashionable and all stars from this period would be reactivating. They originated from punk environments, inspired by first retro discos in squats in Łódź and they brought this tradition with them into squats in Warsaw playing the hits by Kombi, Urszula, Kapitan Nemo and other stars of Polish new romantic/disco.
Soon after that the crazy team breaking dance floors by means of Casio synthesizer, guitar and drum machine started to create their own disco-trash hits under the name of Super Girl & Romantic Boys. Their first concerts from 1991 resemble a real tornado. Vampiric make-ups, brocade, ecstatic dances of two dancers and completely bewildered audience jumping around from the very first sounds. Plus sad lyrics about unhappy love embedded in claustrophobic, cold wave atmosphere. 

The next stage of Super Girl & Romantic Boys creative activity is more conceptual and revolving around severe atmosphere of post new romantic. The fashion for the 80’s made the media interested in the band whose leading track “Spokój” was included in the compilation “Disco chaos” released in 2002 by SP Records. In this period “The Romantic” were very active throwing concerts in Poland and abroad (Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Russia, Belarus) recording their cult videos and their first legendary album which was supposed to be released then by SP Records. Unfortunately, after signing unlucky agreement, the publisher refused to release the material because of unknown reasons and blocked it for 10 years. Apart from “Radiostacja” radio, fans could listen to the band’s songs only during the concerts and download the album from the internet. The band became a living legend but the situation connected with restraining the material caused frustration and suspending of band’s activity in 2006....
In 2008 there was a big concert tour celebrating SGRB 10th anniversary, after that they disappeared again for five years. Throughout this time “Spokój” has become one of the greatest Polish hits of the first decade of 21st century.

This year, after the termination of the unlucky agreement with SP Records, the band for the first time in their history has got a chance to officially release their material. In June Antena Krzyku is going to release two-disc DVD “SGRB - Miłość z tamtych lat” summing up “The Romantic” creative activity.