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Sonja Kraushofer

Persephone on Nocturnal Culture Night 2011

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, ethereal, Gothic


Band members:

Sonja Kraushofer - vocals
Martin Hoefert - cello
Holger Wilhelmi - cello
Johannes Kramer - cello
Franz Heinrich Lirsch - doublebass
Benedikt Kuhn - piano
Tim Warweg, John Abdelsayed - percussions


Most of you might know Persephone as the godess of the dead, a character from the greek myth and wife of Hades, ruler of the underworld. In present time Persephoneare a band around Sonja Kraushofer and her breathtaking voice who some of you might already know from L’ame Immortelle. In 2000 Persephone was formed and released their debut album in January 2001 ('Home'). It was followed by an EP-rele...ase called 'Still...' one year later. The band took their time to raise a conceptual work regarding the mythological character Persephone which meant to release two records within one year, connected by a tour playing one concert per month only. 'Atma Gyan' (eternal light) was released in spring 2004 – the time when the godess arrives in the world of the living. In winter 2004, when she has to go back to the shadows, 'Mera Sangeet Kho Gaya' (my music is gone) reflected the experiences she had made within the time she was on earth – taking her desparation with her down into the underworld. Now, in 2007 there is going to be the next release of the band called 'Letters to a Stranger'. It follows a completely different thought which has nothing to do with greek myth but nevertheless means another record with songs full of despair, unfulfilled desires and lost hopes. First time in band-history they were working together with orchestra. Martin Höfert, who leads Persephone together with Sonja, wrote the orchestral scores which were performed by the Philharmonic Chamber-Orchestra of Wernigerode.