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Vic Anselmo

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Vic Anselmo
Vic Anselmo

Vic Anselmo
Vic Anselmo

Łotwa / Latvia

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
alternative, Gothic, Gothic Rock


Band members:

Vic Anselmo - singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar
Herman Rigmant - guitars, programming
George Kadolchik - keyboards
Peteris Pass - bass
Martinsh Milevskis - drums,percussions


Vic Anselmo is a Latvian Gothic/Alternative singer and songwriter (At the moment lives in Essen NRW). A stunning voice and wide musical horizon let her find her own special ways in composing music. Her songs sound like a soundtrack to imaginary movie. They are very sensual and amaze with dynamic contrasts and sound variety. All that comes together with an impressive onstage image.
Vic Anselmo is the first Latvian alternative female singer that got to be known outside the Baltic States.

Vic Anselmo supported an European tour of German legendary electronic avantgarde duo Deine Lakaien. Vic Anselmo opened all 24 shows of Indicator tour and got a recognition and awesome response of big audience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Except tour with Deine Lakaien she had two European club tours with her band and performed at such big festivals as WGT 2009 (D),Castle Party 2009 (PL), Waregem Gothic Festival 2010 (BE), Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 (NL), and Dark Mills 2010 in London. Vic also performed on stage with Das Ich as a guest artist at WGT 2011 and Amphi festival 2011. she also performed a guest vocals for Mesh at M'era Luna 2011.
In August/September 2011 Vic Anselmo performed a China tour with finish band To Die For.

Vic Anselmo offers two different formats of her live performances: The performance with her band- when the concert turns into a colourfull show with theatrical elements and unique onstage outfits.
The acoustic performance – intimate and sensual, when Vic perfoms solo with a piano.