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Project Pitchfork completes trilogy and launches ‘Elysium’ in 2024


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For several years fans have been waiting for Project Pitchfork to release the 3rd installment in the series they promised back in 2018. Project Pitchfork put out "Akkretion" and "Fragment", the first two parts of a trilogy but since then 5 years went by with nothing new since.
 But now they launch a tour holding the name of the 3rd part, "Elysium".

After a long silence, in spring 2024, the last act of this electro trilogy will finally follow. On the upcoming "Elysium" tour, you can not only expect songs from the album of the same name, but also a string of classics and also the new singles "The Dance" and "Learning to Live".

As special support tAngerinecAt will join the tour. This duo from Wales was founded in Ukraine in 2008 by Zhenia Purpurovsky (Kyiv) and Paul Chilton (UK).
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