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Project Pitchfork

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Project Pitchfork
Project Pitchfork

Project Pitchfork
Project Pitchfork

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, ebm, electronic, industrial


Band members:

Peter Spilles - composition, lyrics, vocals
Jürgen Jansen - keyboards
Dirk Scheuber - keyboards
Live Members:
Achim Farber
- drums

Past members:
Carsten Klatte


Since more than a decade, the german industrial/dark-electro band Project Pitchfork delights thousands of fans worldwide with a unique mixture of danceable beats, breathtaking melodies and deep lyrics. With 11 albums, 6 eps, and more compilation appearences than you can shake a stick at, Project Pitchfork have reached the status of "masters of electro-goth music". Since 1994 every album released by the band entered the official German Album Charts, and they have been nominated twice for a German Echo Award.

In 2002, the french director Jérôme de Missolz was so fascinated by Project Pitchfork's music, performance and philosophy, that he featured the band in his movie "Zone Reptile". Beside a 12 minutes concert footage shot especially for the film, the music of Project Pitchfork is present throughout the whole motion picture. The lyrics of the songs are often used to express the main character's emotional inner world, becoming an important part of the story-telling process.
The band is also very famous for their energy and intensity on stage: their live-shows are known to be legendary. They toured extensively and played hundreds of shows all over the world, exciting the crowds in countries like Canada, Brazil, Argentina, the United States of America, Norway, Sweden, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Latvia, The Russian Federation, Austria, Switzerland and of course Germany.