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Psy’Aviah - Soul Searching
One of Belgium’s finest electronica trademarks over the last decade, Antwerp-based Psy’Aviah aka Yves Schelpe returns with "Soul Searching", by far his best album concept ever for a unique experience in sound, story-telling and emotions…

Through some 12 brand new songs, Psy’Aviah transports us to the most remote unexplored places of his dreamscapes.
A virtual otherworld where we can enter a state of mind allowing us to question our nostalgic or depressive thoughts, our insomniac behavior, our self-centered existence, humanity as a whole… Some kind of meditative trance triggered by pulsating electronic sequences, wrapped by highly melodic synth melodies, augmented by a wide palette of ethnic instruments facilitating the exotic traveling experience and topped by bewitching blissful male and female vocals reinforcing the hypnotic sensation.

Personal stories told with passion and interpreted by highly skilled singers in the likes of Mari Kattman, Kyoko Baertsoen, Lis van den Akker, Ellia Bisker, Addie Nicole, Saydi Driggers, Alicia May, Roeland van der Velde, Marieke Lightband, Mark Bebb as well as psychiatrist Prof Dr. Dirk De Wachter speaking on the intro track "Becoming Human". Poignant lyrics we can easily relate to and which evoke intimate moments of the listener or awake personal demons.

As always, Psy’Aviah knows no boundaries and crafts music ranging from atmospheric floating ethereal songs to harder pumping industrial/EBM tracks through sensual trip hop, nostalgic synthwave and other catchy dance pop tunes. It’s electronic music without limits for your ultimate pleasure!

May this reflective soul-searching experience help you find your way in this tormented world!

Faithful supporters of the band will enjoy the limited edition of "Soul Searching" and its 16-track bonus CD presenting carefully selected upbeat dancefloor oriented versions of album songs that will guide us to tomorrow land and further thanks to successful collaborations.
Available from 1 November 2019 by Alfa Matrix.

Becoming Human (ft. Prof Dr. Dirk De Wachter)
Voodoo Love (ft. Roeland van der Velde) 04:27
Searching (ft. Mari Kattman) 04:20
Hold On (ft. Mark Bebb)
New Times (ft. Alicia May)
The Scientific Method
Train Of Thought (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen)
Dream Fever (ft. Saydi Driggers)
Lucid Bliss (ft. Marieke Lightband)
Hope (ft. Addie Nicole)
Catching The Sun (ft. Lis van den Akker)
City In Flames (ft. Ellia Bisker)
Train Of Thought (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen) (SD-KRTR remix)
Hold On (ft. Mark Bebb) (Metroland 7" remix)
Voodoo Love (ft. Roeland van der Velde) (Rob Dust remix)
Searching (ft. Mari Kattman) (11grams 7" remix)
Train Of Thought (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen) (Mind.Divided remix)
New Times (ft. Alicia May) (SNVFF remix)
Searching (ft. Mari Kattman) (J. Wolf 7" remix)
Voodoo Love (ft. Roeland van der Velde) (The Gothsicles remix)
Train Of Thought (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen) (STUDIO-X remix)
Hold On (ft. Mark Bebb) (Cosmic Armchair remix)
Searching (ft. Mari Kattman) (Noire Antidote remix)
Catching The Sun (ft. Lis van den Akker) (Maarten Pels remix)
Dream Fever (ft. Saydi Driggers) (Tom Bro after club remix)
Hold On (ft. Mark Bebb) (People Theatre club remix)
Hope (ft. Addie Nicole) (KGProject club remix)
Searching (ft. Mari Kattman) (French Skies club remix)

Author: hellium
Source: Alfa Matrix / 2019-10-11 / News

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