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Punish Yourself

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Punish Yourself

Punish Yourself
Punish Yourself

Francja / France

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
cyberpunk, industrial, industrial metal


Band members:

VX 69 ("vx" or "vx Cheerleader 69") Vincent Villalon - Vocals
Miss Z
(Sandrine Caracci) - Guitar, Vocals
(Pierre-Laurent Clément) - Guitar
X.av (
Xavier Guionie) - Drums
Klodia - Dance, Pyrotechny


You don’t know anything about PY ? Take a look at the pictures, listen to the music, and you’ll get the point… This is extreme music for those who never sleep ! Sex, voodoo drugs, industrial beats and screaming guitars collide with B-movie madness, rock’n’roll obsessions and a sick fascination for the apocalypse. PY takes every cliché you can imagine, then warps it and throws it back into your face, like The Cramps used to do ; but unlike The Cramps, they roam and rampage many contradictory musical universes. Sometimes you’ll get a full blow of dancefloor madness, then sometimes they’ll take you into strange experimental landscapes ; as if they didn’t give a fuck about what their audience is waiting for. And actually, that’s the truth : Punish Yourself don’t give a fuck about anything. This is just doomsday music, boys and girls, enjoy it or go fuck yourself !

Nutrition facts : PY released10 studio albums, including an instrumental (!!!!!) record and a collaboration with French electronica mastermind Sonic Area (most of it having been recently reissued by Season Of Mist), and a freely downloadable live album on D-Trash Records. PY played something like a thousand gigs, mostly in Europe but also in Canada, headlining at festivals like Sziget, Eurockeennes, Leipzig WGT, Fusion, Hellfest or Dour.