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Komor Kommando

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Komor Kommando
Komor Kommando

Komor Kommando
Sebastian Komor

Kanada / Canada

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, industrial, Rhythmic Noise, tbm


Band members:

In studio: Sebastian Komor
On stage: Sebastian Komor, Casey Baldwin


After his success with ZOMBIE GIRL, ICON OF COIL and BRUDERSCHAFT, renowned producer Sebastian R. Komor strikes again with this new hard-hitting guerrilla project – something he really had to get out of his system! The heaviest project he's ever done, KOMOR KOMMANDO is aggressive and loud, laden with a cynical sarcastic flair and wit! Pounding rhythms to assault your senses, plus a bit of a cheeky humour and socio-political bite. 100% club hit guaranteed – including the floor-packing "Das Oontz", "Love Your Neighbour" and "Triggerfinger". KOMOR KOMMANDO have set their sights on the world of hard upbeat electronic power industrial, with one sole aim: domination and provocation. The time has come to run for shelter and defer to a new reign of electronic warfare. Play at maximum volume!