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Rome - Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit (Here, ROME present a stylistic)
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Rome - Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit (Here, ROME present a stylistic)


Add date: 2011-11-11

Label: Trisol

Limited Box Set
Disc 1 "aufbruch"
01. The Chronicles Of Kronstadt
02. The Angry Brigade
03. The Spanish Drummer
04. To Teach Obedience
05. The Death Of Longing
06. Our Holy Rue
07. The Night-born
08. The Pyre Glade
09. In Cruel Fire
10. A Pact Of Blood
11. The Merchant Fleet
12. A Cross Of Wheat

Disc 2 "aufruhr"
01. The Brute Engine
02. Seeds Of Liberation
03. To Each His Storm
04. Sons Of Aeeth 05. August Spies
06. To Be Governed
07. Families Of Eden
08. Red Years - Black Years
09. Little Rebel Mine
10. The Breaking Part
11. Eagle And Serpent
12. A Cross Of Fire

Disc 3 "aufgabe"
01. The Conquest Of Violence
02. All For Naught
03. You Threw It At Me Like Stones
04. Automation
05. Time And Tide
06. Dawn And The Darkest Hour
07. Years Of Abalone
08. Petrograd Waltz
09. Disbandment
10. Ballots And Bullets
11. Appeal To The Slaves
12. A Cross Of Flowers