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The Crystalline Effect

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The Crystalline Effect
The Crystalline Effect

The Crystalline Effect
Elenor Rayner & Pete Crane


Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, electro-industrial, electronic, industrial, trip-hop


Band members:

Elenor Rayner - lirycs, vocals
Pete Crane - music


Emerging from Australia, The Crystalline Effect have been called "a genre bending icestorm", combining elements of electro, EBM and trip hop with female vocals.

The band is a duo comprised of Elenor Rayner (vocals and lyrics) and Pete Crane (music) who met in 2002.
Their debut album "Glass" was released by European label Black Flames Records in 2005 resulting in great reviews worldwide, and in 2006 The Crystalline Effect released the "Blurred Edges" EP independantly. When Black Flames Records closed down, The Crystalline Effect found a new home on Hungary's Advoxya Records and were due to release a new EP entitled "Do Not Open" in 2007. Though unfortunately a promo copy of "Do Not Open" leaked prior to the released date and within a few weeks had received thousands of downloads from numerous illegal mp3 sharing sites. "Do Not Open" was therefore cancelled by the label and an EP of new material entitled "Hypothermia" was released instead.

The Crystalline Effect have reached the dancefloor globally with remixes by internationally renowned artists such as Ivory Frequency, Negative Format, Implant, Neikka RPM, Blank, Urceus Exit, Dunkelwerk and many others. The Crystalline Effect have also been featured on well-known compilations such as "Fxxk The Mainstream" from VampireFreaks/Alfa-Matrix and "Interbreeeding" from BLC Productions, among many other appearances.

In 2008, The Crystalline Effect hit the European stages in full force with several concerts in Holland, Hungary, Estonia and Latvia in support of bands such as Hocico and Snog.