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Electro-industrial is a musical outgrowth of the ebm and post-industrial scene. It developed in the late 1980s and first half of the 1990s. Whereas EBM is straightforward in structure and clean production, electro-industrial became known for having a deep, layered and complex sound. This can be heard in many albums of this genre, such as Tactical Neural Implant by Front Line Assembly and Music for a Slaughtering Tribe by :wumpscut: After the EBM movement faded in the early 1990s, electro-industrial increasingly attained popularity in the international club scene. In contrast to the straight EBM style, electro-industrial groups use harsher beats and raspy, distorted, or digitized vocals. In contrast to industrial rock, electro-industrial groups use comparatively little guitar music (if any). Lyrical content was often strongly influenced by dystopian subject matter.

Artists belong to the genre


Country: RPA/South African / Date of establishing : 2002

Adam X

Country: USA / Date of establishing : 1990


Country: Belgia / Belgium / Date of establishing : 2007

Angels On Acid

Country: USA / Date of establishing : 2003

Chaos All Stars

Country: Szwecja / Date of establishing : 2005

Controlled Collapse

Country: Polska / Poland / Date of establishing : 2003

Depressive Disorder

Country: Czechy / Czech Republic / Date of establishing : 2001


Country: Niemcy / Germany / Date of establishing : 2007


Country: Francja / France / Date of establishing : 2002

Necro Facility

Country: Szwecja / Sweden / Date of establishing : 2001

Projekt LR

Country: Polska / Poland / Date of establishing : 2009-02


Country: Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom / Date of establishing : 2007

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