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Unzucht - Venus Luzifer

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What is "Venus Luzifer" to me? At first - an attempt to go beyond rigid frameworks of Neue Deutsche Härte  - a genre that since the "Sperm" release (and it was in 1994!) underwent only minor changes. What is the reason - I do not know, but I suspect that it is associated with a remarkable commercial success from Rammstein. In any case, during these 20 years on stage Neue Deutsche Härte  appeared and vanished in the crowd of other bands trying to repeat the unintended achievement from R+ gentlemen. When they released, gently to say weak, "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da", anti-fans began to proclaim death of the goose that laid the golden eggs, as well as the end of genre presented by them. By happy (or not) coincidence it did not happen; Neue Deutsche Härte reputation was saved by released few years later "Die Hölle Muss Warten" - album recorded by Eisbrecher gentlemen.

But maybe let's go back to Unzucht themselves; I get the impression as gentlemen allegedly, somewhat by force, try to create their own style, which, however, was within very narrow framework of Neue Deutsche Härte. However, aware of the fact that it is impossible they try to find musical solutions somewhere further, using stricte trash motives. You have to admit that they do it very nicely. While statement that Unzucht have created their own genre, is in my opinion, greatly exaggerated, although you can say that the band’s sound is... is at some points peculiar.

The biggest advantages of "Venus Luzifer"? Honesty and power! When vocalist sings "Wir sind das Feuer" in opening title track – it is hard to disagree. Besides, aforementioned track is the most powerful (and probably also the most original) point on the album - we have here sublimity, good lyrics and well-structured atmosphere. Although the track, opposing vast majority, does not dazzle with weight, it still has its strength!
Next in line "Seelenblind", comparing with its predecessor, it is already more conventional, but less originality it makes up with very neat and ear-catching chorus. Third track - "Das Denkmal fällt" keeps to that tradition – it also has a catchy chorus.
Unfortunately, then there is a bit worse. "Ikaria" and "Nimm mich mit" are painfully predictable compositions, which, unlike their predecessors, do not have so interesting leitmotifs. To that group you may also include "Neugeboren", "Schweigen" and "Leidbild". Fortunately somewhere in between these tracks is the longest and most interesting when it comes to composing "Unendlich", characterized by changes of pace and a well-used piano. It causes that the album’s center does not seem to be boring. Also the last two tracks namely "Krieg" and "Mein Grab" make a very good impression; first of them resembles achievements of As I Lay Dying gentlemen, while the second is a calm, charming track that closes this, as I believe, uneven album.

While "Venus Luzifer" will not conquer the world, for Unzucht’s musicians it is a milestone in their career. If every track attracted so strongly listeners as "Wir sind das Feuer", we could talk about perfect album – now it is just good.


01. Wir Sind Das Feuer
02. Seelenblind
03. Das Denkmal fällt
04. Ikaria
05. Nimm mich mit
06. Unendlich
07. Neugeboren
08. Schweigen
09. Leidbild
10. Krieg
11. Mein Grab
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2015-07-08 / Music reviews

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