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Wave Gotik Treffen 2013

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The third weekend of May is Pentecost for some (yes, it's a Religious event that beyond the name suitable for scout play tells me very little), for others it's just another weekend in front of TV, but to us it's the sending of the black spirit onto Leipzig, in other words, Wave Gothic Treffen.
During the 22nd edition of the festival, a picturesque city, full of charming nooks has changed into the capital of music with sounds ranging from medieval to industrial. Even the most fastidious listeners will find something for themselves. Not for nothing it's the largest event of this type in the world.
So much for the introduction, it's time for specifics. After reaching the place, breaking through to the campsite, receiving all the necessary attributes of a festival goer we see the first nut to crack - selection of concerts from the program, which resembles a compact version of Sunday edition of the Wyborcza Newspaper. Having achieved relative consensus we set off to explore the city, which, especially in the evening, tempts with the number of monuments, clubs, streets for walking.
This way we visited the Moritzbastei, where the following played for a warm-up: Radioaktivists, Kartagon, Amnistia and Controlled Collapse, most awaited by me this evening. Kr-lik on stage gave his all to the delight of the audience, leaving the building I heard opinions that it was one of the best concerts of the band.


Concerts start quite late, the sun turning the tent into an oven effectively chased us away from it, so using the gap in the schedule we set for a photographic hunt. The ingenuity of WGT’s participants knows no boundaries and it’s a huge plus. From classic dark lace outfits through steampunk costumes, corsets, latex, latex and more latex and all kinds of mixes with a group of zombies on leashes;)
Okay, there are outfits that should never see the daylight, whether for the sake of a person wearing it or overall composition, however, what was clearly noticeable, people there feel just fine. Freedom, creativity, openness, great atmosphere, which I found immensely captivating, a thing some Polish parties definitely lack.
The alley of the most stylized and showing off Goths checked, and so we’re going to Kohlrabizirkus. The first to appear onstage is Pokemon Reactor. Previously, I've heard a lot about them, but only after seeing and hearing their show I was "bought". Musically, it's a mix of ebm, electropunk shoock with humor, audible both in sounds and in the texts. Besides, how not to be interested in a group that runs around the stage as Pokemons!

A slight pause and Tyske Ludder starts their show. Short for fans of the genre, judging by what I saw under the stage there were quite a lot;). Another pause followed by the entrance of Decoded Feedback. The Canadian duo, outside of their characteristic, varied and melodic mix of industrial and ebm, served to the audience with a visual background. Intriguing scenes straight out of an old psychedelic cinema combined with their sounds contributed to a successful performance that with its created atmosphere stayed in my memory, even though on stage Yone and Marco are not very dynamic.

Behind the barriers it's getting denser, a sign that we are approaching the main attractions of the evening. Another artists on stage are Bruderschaft. It’s futurepop project created by a New York DJ Rexx Arkana and whose name is appropriate to the objectives and activities of the creator. It’s worth noting that the concert at WGT was the European debut of the band. To my surprise, I liked the most the new song "Falling" with Daniel Myer on vocals, announcing the new EP "Return".
The icing on the cake for the Friday evening was the concert of In Strict Confidence, who the audience did not want to let off the stage. No one could complain on the lack of attractions; favorite songs such as "Set Me Free", "Seven Lives" or "Zauberschloss" plus dynamic choreography and great contact with the audience. In addition to the ear charming vocals of Dennis Ostermann and Nina de Lianin, I could not tear my eyes away from the marvelous outfit of Nina, with which I absolutely fell in love. Time to take a leave from the tent, and since it’s a warm night in the beautiful city, we decided to take part of the route on foot.


The weather in the morning scared us, finally it decided to improve before the main attraction of the day, and they were strong! Wasting no time we toddle off to the pagan village, where the fun is in full swing, and surprisingly nothing ate us there;) the concert part in Agra was opened by - Aslan Faction, that is a British aggro-industrial duo, consisting of Anthony Mather and Lee Lauer. As for a band first heard during the performance it was quite positive to listen, while playing a good tactic-making way to the barrier to be as close as possible for the next concert.

Before Velvet Acid Christ appeared on stage you had to be patient, because of technical problems the start was delayed by 20 minutes, by which unfortunately the performance was shortened. Bryan Erickson could not begin better playing "Pretty Toy" for a good start. On the set list there also were pieces like: "Evoked", "Inhale Blood", "Phucking Phreak" and finally "Let's Kill All These Motherfuckers". Pity that only 10 tracks fitted, but the German order must be respected!

Tight timetable - Suicide Commando ahead. Introduction in this case can be left out. From the first notes until the last ones the audience was wild with Van Roy, and he rarely stood in one a place ;) Let's add to that the visuals in the background, your favorite songs live and explosive mix is ready - literally, it was hot under the stage! An additional plus for great contact with the fans.

Whew... technical break, in the hall a small reshuffle of the interested followed by a moment to supplement the fluids in the body and we fly on. Leaether Strip before us.

This Danish solo electro-industrial project gave a good show, also gathered a large crowd under the stage. Although vocally not particularly to my liking, the words of praise for Claus Larsen are very much deserved for the lively performance and an extra at the end in the form of Depeche Mode’s "No Disco" cover.

In great strides we're approaching the climax of the day's concerts, proved by the Agra-Halle filling up to the brim, and with that increasing of the temperature and stuffiness. Among the people waiting for the start of IAMX concert there was a palpable note of impatience mixed with excitement.
When Chris Corner comes onstage the screaming fans seemed to be louder than the sound system, and that's quite a feat;) IAMX served to the audience a comprehensive show, costumes, make-up, the play of lights, facial expressions, and of course the music! In short, it was a senses tingling performance, very pleasant to listen to. Among the songs performed there were: "Spit It Out", "My Secret Friend", "The Unified Field". Fatigue began to speak, so in the middle of the concert we went to the tent, but the sound was so good that the last pieces of IAMX were an excellent lullaby.


Passed with the turbo sound under the name of powernoise, that is healthy and with a thud;) With each performer the hall in Werk II was increasingly filled with the dancing as in trance fans of intense, strong, fast sounds. The only thing missing was any cooling system as after 15 minutes of madness in the rhythm of sets, I was completely wet, but it didn't stop from romping on!
In the beginning the Phosgore duo, with their beats, instantly swept people to move their asses, very energetic, positive and go on! Next Brits of Dirty K took over the dancefloor. After such introduction the stage was claimed by gentlemen of Incubite, and I'm still unaware of what awaits me when I toddle about the hall, admiring how many people were able to fit there, dance, what's more, some emphasized their moves with shining -waving gadgets, which in the dark and smoke from the stage gave a nice effect.

Going back to the merits of the case - Incubite. For me, a revelation! Totally shocked me, it's been long since I heard such a sound, brilliant combo of a strong beat and rapid, rhythmic melody, absolute power, give me more! I asked myself how is it possible that I did not know this before? Incubite "Toxicum" position absolutely obligatory for everyone who's into this particular thump;)

Charged like the Energizer bunnies, still hopping slightly we go to a small cellar next to Werk II, where an exhibition was located, including installations, sculptures, mostly in metal. The subject of work, of course, in the climate, but very universal, because it's about man, his emotions, actions. Well worth a look there.

We get onto the tram and go back to Agra-Halle for the star of the evening - the band Lacrimosa. It will not be a surprise, if I write, that the hall was bursting at the seams from the gathered audience, and the boiling point was reached with Tilo Wolff’s arrival onstage. Honestly I was never a fan of their work, in order to avoid lynch mob on me, I will mention only that the fans were delighted with the show, the encore was a must. One thing you have to give them credit for, they care about their audiences, contact sensational, almost after every song lots of applause and squeals from fans, this was a sign, at least well;) Meanwhile, it's time to collapse and recharge the battery for tomorrow!


Waking up I don't want to believe that it's the last day of WGT, after all, we've only just arrived, but as always, the better fun, the faster time passes. Before we choose to head for the concert hall, we go to the dream facility for everyone desiring to buy a new dark clothing, album or a gadget worthy of a self-respecting goth. The largest market of climatic clothing, accessories and everything you could wish for, wherever I went there was so much that you would have to have one day to check everything, not mentioning a wheelbarrow of cash;) Back to reality, but not quite, let's welcome the first artist on stage - Orange Sector.

Say what you want, that I don't know the stuff or whatever, but to me almost each of their songs sounded similar if not the same, adding to that the fact that it was my first contact with this band, the more I got bored and remembered only the theme from a piece "Kalt wie Stahl". As a plus you have to give them that the guys kicked ass;) Technical break and let's move on!
In the case of the next band only watching the stage preparations for the show is highly engaging, for example, for a good start two boxes with beers appear, then well known elements from construction site, OSH gadgets and after 15 minutes there is construction crew from Patenbrigade: Wolff.

Musically, it's a mega-energetic, rhythmic and captivating mix of ebm, electro and industrial, if you need energy in the morning no red bull wakes up better than a loud impact of men in orange vests!
Fantastic show! Memorable as the overall show with a bonus for the fans in the first rows, after all the beer tastes best in a company;) The setlist included: "Feind Hört Mit", "Fehler 404", great "Signal" or "Demokratischer Sektor" and, of course, "Bier". No wonder that with each track the amount of audience grew under the stage.

A moment of respite, it's became terribly stuffy, and there still were as many concerts ahead and more and more dense crowd under the stage.;) Next KMFDM takes the stage, the ones I was really interested to see live. Sascha with his band did not disappoint, I got all I wished for, together with a slightly harder-sounding guitar, which I missed despite the exquisite fun today, and in case of songs "Amnesia", "Quake" or "Rebels in Kontrol" it would be weak without it ;)

And so it was, the last concert of this year's Wave Gothic Treffen will begin soon, the hall is almost full to the brim, I fortunately placed myself strategically for the long wait from the moment of the arrival of VNV Nation.
There was a moment of darkness, with it familiar first notes of "Chrome" and soon afterwards Ronan Harris runs onto the stage, smiling from ear to ear. This guy is tirelessly running around the stage throughout the whole concert, singing, clapping, jumping, talking to the audience, infecting with an incredible energy and joy. If some one still didn't hear the Englishmen live, after the concert you'll fall in love with them all over again. Amazing, emotional concert, to which I will come back often in memory. Tears of emotion were also there, I admit that during "Illusion". There were also hits like "Tomorrow never comes", "Nemesis" or the famous "Control". I will repeat - a brilliant concert, bows to Ronan's whole self, which he presents on stage.

It is said that with good fun time passes quickly, it's not true! It rushes like Energizer bunny, blink of an eye and the four day edition of this year's Wave Gothic Treffen came to past. In short, I'm happy, charmed and delighted! Great atmosphere, totally different from all the festivals which I attended in Poland, regardless of tastes there was something for everyone, if you don’t like one thing you get on the tram and go to another party, or just go to the club next door (which the city has a lot). This magical way it’s hard to note how many people came to the festival, it seems everywhere was full, but you didn't feel cramped. Turning to the merits - festival is fantastic, musically, organizationally, even the weather was pretty friendly, so see you next year in Leipzig!

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