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Wave Gotik Treffen 2012

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Tanzwut (Agra)
So, the medieval atmosphere in the metal frames, the band which opened the concerts on the first day of WGT. They gathered quite a lot of fans who sang the songs along with the band and applauded. The musicians had a great contact with the audience, there was a great lightening which emphasised the atmosphere, however, one small minus for playing too laud so that it was difficult to listen sometimes. But it didn’t prevent the fans from having so much fun that the band played an encore.

Stahlmann (Agra)
The second band of the day in Agra halle, not so many fans, the performance may be described as guitar chaff with poor acoustics, poor quality of sound and generally boredom... nicely illuminated stage did not make up for poor sound reception.

Clan of Xymox (Agra)
Clan of Xymox have their own fixed concert standard and never go outside of it. It has both advantages and disadvantages because the concerts most often are similar. However, they would never disappoint you! The band is always good. There were a lot of people in Agra halle, particularly in comparison to poor turnout during Stahlman performance. Despite not so good contact with the audience as Tanzwut, the fans enjoyed it much. Good lighting and proper sound. The concert met the expectations of the audience.

Project Pitchfork (Agra)
According to expectations there was a huge crowd waiting impatiently for the concert. It was more and more exciting. And finally the favourites appeared on the stage and the performance which lasted over an hour began so that we could hear such hits as Timekiller. Unfortunately the band’s contact with the audience was not the best one. The audience only shouted the lyrics. The sound of course was ok but when it comes to lights, being the second star of the evening, they could do something better. There was a great applause at the end of the concert.

Eisbrecher (Agra)
If Laibach is too heavy for you and Rammstein to sweet I recommend Eisbrecher, it’s energetic and dynamic mix of these two bands. Heavy and dark electronic and guitar sound was pouring out onto the listeners. Fans were delighted. The band had a great contact with the audience, lights and sound was great. Simply, the concert of the main star of the evening.

Eisenfunk (Anker)
Bears, bears and once again bears. As usual they were trashy and crazy. It’s one of my favourite bands and they fit perfectly for the end of a long day. Their music is cheerful and funny and simultaneously in my opinion original. When I entered the club I felt terrible heat. To get to the concert was a hard task to do. The club was full of impatient electro fans who had lots of lights on themselves and created electrifying atmosphere. When it comes to music and vocal Eisenfunk were great. They were clear so that everybody was staring at them like a child staring at sweet shop. They played everything live. We could listen to the most famous tracks such as "Pong". Additionally they had visualisations which were missing during other concerts. One more plus is for lights which flickered exactly with the rhythm of music. The band communicated with the audience and threw water to drink for them. Of course many people cannot appreciate this band, however I think it’s worth seeing and listening live not only because of their music and the band itself but because of the atmosphere they create at their concerts.


Grendel (Agra)
Unfortunately, quite poor show, the band still appreciated by a lot of fans, I don’t know why. However, having watched their shows throughout years it can be noticed that they are getting poorer. The concert in Agra Hall can be described as Industrial Dance Video, so something mainly for electro Goths. The sound was ok but it couldn’t compensate for poor vocal and music, the lights didn’t entrance me. And even such hits as "Harsh Generation" or "World of Shift" didn’t help. Generally rather poor performance.

Terrolokaust (Agra)
It is one of the bands which should work as studio projects only and do not enter the stage. Because original, not changed vocal, sounds terribly. Grendel had a rival to become the worst performance and was defeated by Terrolokaust. Well, it’s sad that some compositions such as "No Control", which sound really good on CD were devastated on the stage. Almost all music was automatic so it’s hard to understand why two keyboardists were on the stage, one of them must have been a mock-up only. Poor contact with the audience, anyway quite small, about 500 people. The lights and sounds were tolerable. Unfortunately, the vocal can only be described as total, painful, massacre.

Aesthetic Perfection (Agra)
Unquestionably the evening’s favourite. Very good concert in terms of arrangement, sound, and visual effects. Agra Hall was full of fans. Despite poor interaction between the band and the audience, the crowd was hot. It was an hour of crazy dynamics and harsh beat. Simply good piece of electro industrial which is worth recommendation.

Funker Vogt (Agra)
People came for this concert not because they like this band but because after them the evening’s star Combichrist was playing. Funker Vogt can be described in this way – they are the way they are, meaning electro-synth something... Noisy vocal and chaos on the stage. Not really successful concert, if not the vocal, the music was quite ok. Good lightening was a plus. People made contact with the band by clapping according to the rhythm. They also danced, but generally the concert was not completely satisfying.

Unto Ashes (Centraltheater)
It was hard to get to this concert, for a person who does not know the city, it was at the end of the world and even the inhabitants didn’t know how to get there in the easiest way. A lot of changes and some other adventures during my way made me discouraged and when I saw half sleeping audience which wasn’t numerous I didn’t expect anything good. However, when the band started playing I understood the audience’s relaxation. The music was like balm for the soul. Delicate, calm and mystical... It contained the secrets of old life. The vocal was clear just like the music. I recommend for people who want to move into more secret parts of consciousness. The concert was completely dreamlike in a dark room and subtle lights which created unearthly atmosphere almost impossible to describe. The band surprised me positively and I came out with a new mystic experience. Perfect music for artists and sensitive people.

OBSESSION BIZARR (Volkspalast Kantine)
On the second day of WGT starting from 10pm it was possible to take part in Fetish Party in Volkspalast Kantine. The event promoted by Markiz de Sad’s fans and fetishists didn’t impress me much. It wasn’t any problem with getting there. It was taking place under the supervision of very nice and very good guards which is important because this kind of events involve specific intimacy. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take any photos which was quite illogical because there was nothing scandalous. Main room was situated in the middle of the building and it was too small for all those people inside so it was very stuffy. On the platform in the centre there were two cages in which someone was dancing and there was a stage on which performances took place. Despite the crowd everything was visible. The shows were accompanied by Merlin Manson’s music. There was also playroom in the building – small black rooms with red erotic light. There three mini bars in the whole building easily accessible. On the other side of the rotunda there was a room in which people just danced. People there did not reveal any sadomasochistic or pervert features. Also the outfits were nothing unusual, you could see something like that next to Agra Halle. Generally, from 1 to 10 I would give it 7, the biggest plus for being open and for guards who did their job perfectly. The place was too small and not really visually prepared. The sound was good. Big plus also for a lot of taxis in front of the building which is a great convenience for such big event. I think this kind of event is for open people who want to try more spicy parts of life. However for some great hedonists it would not be anything new or unusual.

Combichrist (Agra)
After having watched the worst Combichrist’s concert during Christmas Ball Festival the only thing that came to my mind was the song’s title "Hey, what the fuck is wrong with you?". It seemed that Combichrist had a crisis or it is just their end. However, talking with Andy after Icon of Coil concert in Berlin made me feel better because I got to know that during this year tour the band is going to come back to its roots and start to play songs from their first albums. And that’s how it was at WGT. Combichrist played their best hits from the first albums. This was it. The crowd for over an hour was shouting songs’ lyrics and danced to the frantic rhythm. We could hear "Intruder Alert", "Get your body beat" and "What the fuck is wrong with you". It was unquestionably the best concert of that day.


Empusae (Werk II Halle A)
This one-man project started the industrial adventure in Werk 2 hall, very rhythmic and atmospheric sound. It was clear that it was changing into rhythmic-industrial. Good sound, but poor lights and lack of visualisations. Nevertheless, great concert and almost full hall, the project got thunderous applause from fans.

Wieloryb (Werk II Halle A)
Not many people know this project but it’s worth supporting! Fans started coming to hall because they were waiting for the following concert of Nachtmahr and most of them were surprised. Probably they didn’t expect such an energetic monster sleeping in the noise body of Wieloryb. The audience got the rhythm and enjoyed almost 50 minutes of their performance. Hopefully the number of Wieloryb’s fans increases after this concert. It’s a pity that there were no visualisations.

Nachtmahr (Werk II Halle A)
The biggest minus of this concert was a terrible crowd. This concert should have taken place in Agra Halle, not in Werk 2 where it was impossible to breathe and the queue of those who were waiting for the concert had 200 metres. The performance itself was successful, at least its part which we manage to see before evacuation from that place to save ourselves from faint. To be honest, it wasn’t music of the highest quality, it was just good for dancing and people would have danced if only they had had some place but in that case they just swung and jumped. Part of the audience was being poured water on by the ladies from Nachtmar Army. Coming back to Agra Halle took some time because it was not that easy to get out from Werk 2.

Schwarzer Engel (Agra)
It started the concerts on Sunday in Agra Halle. The music described as Dark Metal, energetic and interesting costumes of the musicians. Good sound and lights. Quite a lot of things happened on the stage. The hall wasn’t full but the audience enjoyed so the concert may be considered as successful.

A Life Divided (Agra)
Wonderful concert!... the music may be described as gothic-metal with some elements of industrial, great contact with the audience. The band even had a small talk with one of the fans. Nice sound and lights and musicians having fun on the stage. The audience was delighted.

The House Of Usher (Agra)
After rather spontaneous performances of the previous bands, this gothic-rock band didn’t enchant me very much. Rather static vocalist, not much was happening on the stage. Moreover, not very good sound and monotonous lights... to make long story short – boring! Also the audience failed coming to the concert in a small group.

Mono Inc. (Agra)
They keep quiet good standard of their concerts. It is appreciated by their fans who really had great fun clapping to the rhythm and so on. They played Blood Rain and some calm covers. Good sound and lights, very successful concert. Fans of the guitar playing surely were not disappointed.

Diary of Dreams (Agra)
Great performance enriched by small pyrotechnic shows. The audience sang the songs along with the band. Very good sound and lights. Adrian as usual had a great contact with the audience. The hall was full of people and of course there was an encore. The concert was worth recommendation.

Peter Heppner (Agra)
Peter Heppner as a main star of the festival gave an over one and half hour long concert of the highest standard. His voice has an unbelievable power and such a clear sound. The vocal and music and everything was just perfect. There were a lot of people, both goths and electro fans. He was ideal for everybody and everybody loved him. It was a concert of the greatest standard. He deserved congratulations because of his great form, he’s not that young anyway. Although I’m not a fan of this kind of music I was watching and listening and adoring his clear and pure voice, this is exactly the "perfect artist", there is no distortion in him... just a wonder! The audience was happy, the music great and moving. The last song was the beloved "I feel you". Surely I recommend to everybody, even to those who do not like this kind of music, especially because of what the vocalist is doing with his voice which is marvellous.

Freakangel (Moritzbastei)
One of the best concerts I have ever seen. It took place in a small complex of blockhouses altered to a restaurant, the room was really small. The only thing that saved me was the press budge, without it there wouldn’t be even the smallest place for me. People were impatiently waiting for the band. When the band started playing they started dancing ignoring this terrible crowd and were just delighted. Clear vocal and perfect sound, also nothing bad to say about the music. Wonderful characterisation of the band, gloomy atmosphere, smoke. Simply there was everything what should there be to make a concert successful. What’s more, there was the most beautiful and the most divine vocalist in the world who had a great contact with the audience. The only drawback of the concert was the fact that it wasn’t photographed by any professionals so I can only say that we lost a lot. I recommend the band and give the highest marks for the concert. Amazing experience!

NEO (Moritzbastei)
You should run away as fast as you can and hide as much as you can not to meet this band and beware of anyone who would like to take you for their concert. The name of the band brings to ind something, well... Christian? I would define it in other way... my goodness! It was a mixture of a farm party and incompetent electro. What’s more, the vocalist was dressed up as a big black condom... music? Terrible! Vocal? Terrible! Band? Terrible! the concert was unlistenable and the only thing I saw on the stage was the vocalist who was also a guitarist pushed in latex, drum player who was a strange hybrid of Slipknot and Manson and really big keyboarder who was only shaking his hair and making the whole stage shake. Everything was square peg in a round hole. I think this band should not exist. Well, the true is that the German audience was satisfied? Amused? Anyway, they tried to dance to this electro metal something. In the middle of the concert I found something more interesting for me to do and that saved me from suffering from epilepsy. The lights were flickering, lack of visualisations, terrible vocal, simply everything was not right. I recommend only for those who like kitsch in its negative meaning.

S.K.E.T. (Moritzbastei)
The band, or rather Dj group is typical. The music with powerful bass and good rhythm. However, not much happened on the stage, there was lack of visualisations and contact with the audience. There were quite a lot of people and everybody danced. I think it’s a very good group having experience. I recommend for those who know what they want. The music is perfect for people who are looking for some crazy dance and indulging in their own world, total disconnection. Lack of visualisations but great lights. Everything was simply great. It was unquestionable star of the evening just after Freakangel. I really recommend.


Unfortunately... it’s not worth saying anything, poor audience, poor show.

Steinkind (Agra)
As a great fan of this band I waited impatiently for their concert announcing everywhere that they are one of the best electro bands with some alternative attitude. Unfortunately, soon after I was really ashamed of this. From a really good band with such hits as "Larissa", "Trink Mich" and "Ich Muss" the only thing that left are some tracks watched at youtube. Everything was ok until the vocalist started singing "Ich bin Zurucken". Firstly, it was a terrible vocal. "The artist" was torturing himself and the audience with a total falsity through the first three songs after which I left. What’s more Sandor F. behaved like a greatest star being so trashy that it became extremely irritating and sad. The perfect expression describing this concert is "the triumph of form over substance". It seems that Stainkind is a band of few hits and there is nothing more to expect. Their glory days are gone and thanks to the vocalist they are moving towards their end. In spite of rather poor sound system the tracks were easily recognisable, which is the only plus of the whole.

Accessory (Agra)
Accessory – pretty good electronic duet. Rather average contact with the audience. Interesting visualisations; clearly they did some work to prepare the show. Of course it helped to cover musical imperfections.

Douglas J. McCarthy (Agra)
It was a shock! Douglas in a not EBM version sounds terribly... this concert should be passed over in silence and never mentioned again. Firstly – technical problems, secondly – he seemed to be playing the concert for punishment, thirdly – the audience did not like that. Well, we could expect much more but the carelessness once again reached the highest point this evening. Let’s hope it will never happen again.

Agonoize (Agra)
I think that it was the only good band playing this day in Agra halle. From 22.30 all people gathered in the hall waited impatiently for the band. Personally I had never seen this band live so it was a great surprise for me to see a scenery and just a performance. It was a wonderful view... a lot of blood, cross and generally everything what would shock here in Poland. Since it is one of my favourite bands I had a quite positive attitude. The vocal was clear and loud. Despite poor sound system, which was a standard in Agra Halle everything was perfect. It was amazing experience. I recommend to everyone of you who haven’t seen them yet, maybe they are not that much fresh when it comes to performance but the music and the band itself is worth going for a concert. All members were extremely handsome as usual. The audience enjoyed it much, danced and listened. It was pure spiritual experience. The concert was perfect, they are worth listening and watching.

Alice Neve Fox (Centraltheater)
Can acoustic sounds keep your attention for longer? Without energetic beat-beats, electronic instruments and musicians’ madness on the stage which is so absorbing? Absolutely yes! When we deal with a true artist, with music that fills not only a room but also listeners’ hearts it is possible. Alice Neve Fox, a new project of Elena Fossi – a vocalist of Kirlian Camera, known also from a project Spectra Paris, is an artist who reaches for new musical interpretations. First sounds of piano intro introduces specific atmosphere. Well-known tracks in new arrangements had some new shapes in the music space and seemed to be listened for the first time. Piano, acoustic guitar, double bass, cello... however it’s Elena’s voice which is leading, emotional and sentimental. She has got a charisma which attracts and she can open for the listener a magic world of sounds. We could listen to an interesting interpretation of Pink Floyd – High Hops and Muse – Time is Running Out and also Kirlian Camera’s songs such as K-Pax, Heldenplatz, Dead Zone In The Sky and Spectra Paris’s cover - Mad Word, Movie Ghouls/Spettri Del Ciemna, Falsos Buenos to end up with Odyssey Europa. Nightglory was played as an encore. I could analyse each track and a way the musicians played but what for? Music is a universal language, understood by those who feel it in their hearts and I think this was something really special for the end of WGT, something which I will remember for long.

Irfan (Centraltheater)
The music of Irfan is hard to classify, it oscillate between neofolk, neoclassic, ethereal with some ambient and a little bit sacred, almost mystic atmosphere; there are also strong male and female voices and traditional instruments such as duduk, saz, bodhran, oud, darbuka, bendir, kaval. Musicians introduced amazing atmosphere. We have got medieval tale, oriental sounds with some melancholy and Balkan vocal style. Irfan’s concert was the last one during Wave Gothic Treffen 2012. Intriguing and interesting, with all those instruments it brought us to some other places and times. Of course there was also a bit of electronics to make it deeper. Musicians were concentrated and so was the audience. The music was suggestive and evoking an imagination. Really good concert.

The Crimson Ghosts (Werk II Halle A)
I can’t tell much about this band unfortunately, even though it is horror punk. The concert could be good if not the terrible sound system which made melodies and vocalist impossible to hear. I recommend to horror punk fans. For me the vocal did not fit the music, but it depend who likes what. In spite of the problems there were quite a lot of people who probably came from punk festival simultaneously taking part in Leipzig. I recommend though I wasn’t delighted. I think this genre which is less and less appreciated should try to reach more listeners.

The Hellfreaks (Werk II Halle A)
It’s a perfect, ideal band! It’s a group coming from Hungary and dealing with psychobilly and ghotabilly. There is a female vocal, beautiful and perfect for this genre. When it comes to music, it’s fast, rhythmical and perfectly fitting the music. It was a great positive surprise. The vocalist was a beautiful, slim girl who made the whole audience enjoy. Good sound and lights. All members of the band were dressed up. You should just listen and like. I recommend to everybody. Unquestionably the best band in Werk II.

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