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:Wumpscut: - DJ Dwarf Seven

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The cult DJ Dwarf series - part VII. I have to admit that I was afraid of that album - and the reasons for that were really simple. Even though the previous releases of this undoubtedly exclusive release were pretty good, the latest ones were clearly showing a downhill trend. Anyway, I'm happy I gave it a chance. A month before the release of :W:'s upcoming "Body Census" LP, the DJ Dwarf limited to 500 copies is pretty impressive, increasing my appetite for the coming record. I was pretty anxious, if not depressed, upon hitting PLAY for the first track - "My Dear Ghoul". Boy, was I amazed, hearing good old Rudy, his familiar voice and - more importantly - style. If I was to compare it to past albums, this is :W: at its peak. We all remember the last three albums and the reviews they received - I think this time the milieu will react much better. The track I've mentioned is not only fast and harsh - it also is pretty atmospheric thanks to the background samples - choirs and
keyboards straight from an old horror movie. The pace is kept in the next song - "We Believe, We Believe". Maybe it's a bit overkept, since after a great start, the songs turns out to be a bit dull. An interesting piece, although clearly not the most interesting of the album, is "You Are Goth". I am not sure, whether it's an all-out attack on the subculture, or not. I presume every listener will decide for him/herself. It's a pity that the title phrase is present throughout the whole track, making it too stretched and boring. Now for the most interesting part of the album. Do you know God's Bow? Yeah, the Polish project, quite good, but without any sensational elements. Anyway, "Helpline" by God's Bow was remixed and placed as the fourth track on this limited EP. Quite a push for God's Bow, if you aske me. The original wasn't bad, but the remix is even better, a bit melancholic due to the vocals, and more lively thanks to the beats. Again, we reach the aphex with "Remember One Thing", as it's not only a good song, it also has good lyrics (FINALLY! - Nihil). Well, maybe it's not that fun after all, as it speaks of death, but you can listen to it again and again and it won't make you puke. The last two songs are remixes - "Adonai, My Lord [Yendri Club Mix]" and "(Light My) Fire [:W: Remix For Ambassador 21]". Oh well, those tracks failed to get my attention, I expected something more, especially from the Adonai remix. It's not really that club, and it could use some more remixing, with a faster tempo and more bass. I'm not an expert, but I simply can't imagine this one on the dancefloor. "Light My Fire" is more of a background track, with an unintrusive melody - good if you don't focus too much on the music.
Generally speaking, :W: will always remain a band close to my liking and ideas of good music. Even though their previous releases hurt me, the coming album heralded by DJ Dwarf Seven casts a shadow of hope towards some improvement. "Body Census" should be an interesting album if it keeps the level of this EP - the problem is that we can't be sure whether it will go in the direction of the great "My Dear Ghoul", the so-so "We Believe, We Believe" or "You Are Goth". Only time will tell, the release is slated for the 30th of March.

01. My Dear Ghoul
02. We Believe, We Believe
03. You Are A Goth
04. Helpline (:W: Remix For God's Bow)
05. Remember One Thing
06. Adonai, My Lord (Yendri Club Mix)
07. (Light My) Fire (W Remix for Ambassador21)

Translator: Nihil
Add date: 2007-03-12 / Music reviews

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