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Amduscia - Dead or Alive

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The new Amduscia's EP „Dead or Alive” was released in February 2005. I'll get strictly to the point - I can't say that I was somehow surprised or astonished with this CD, because I wasn't. It sounds just like the continuation of the longplay “Melodies for the Devil”. On the other hand I must admit that there are certain positive aspects of the Mexican trio's work. Often compared to Hocico [probably quite rightly], they're making attempts to create their own style. One may still hear harsh, high and noisy vocals and simple beats, however, melodious and original samples and sounds are gradually making their way in Amduscia's music. I'm talking about the tracks „False Freedom” and „Delirio Asesino” in particular, which are definitely outstanding if we take into consideration the primal band's canon. In my opinion the band should follow this direction, otherwise they may sink in monotony and banal which starts prevailing in the harsh electro music. Honestly speaking, I see a great potential in this comparatively young band and I'm looking forward to the longplay, hoping that I'll hear more originality and independence. For the time being however, I may give 55% only. But as I said – I feel that Amduscia can do much better and surely sooner or later the band proves it.
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