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The interview with Amduscia

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The interview's time and place: 6th March 2005, after the concert during
the Black Flames Festival 2, in the club “Blue Note” in Poznań.

Attack: Hello! What is you first impression after the concert?
: The Polish fans are great, excellent audience, their reaction
was a real surprise for us, it was great!

Attack: What inspires you for making music?

: The source are our true feelings, mine... his... the life
itself, in fact, real experiences.

Attack: What do you prefer? Working in the studio or giving concerts?

: I think that we like them both, these are different types of
work, both very good! Equally!

Attack: Have you ever been in Eastern and Central Europe?

: Yes, the first time one year ago, we played on WGT in Lipsk
and on Mera Luna festival as well.

Attack: We hope, we'll have a chance to listen to your live concert once again, perhaps during the Castle Party? Thank you!

: Oh, yes! Thank you!

The interviewer : Attack (
Poznań 06.03.2005

Translator: Attack
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