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Bloody Dead And Sexy

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Bloody Dead And Sexy
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Bloody Dead And Sexy
Bloody Dead And Sexy

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

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Band members:

Rosa Iahn - Vocals
Tim Schande - Bass
Björn Henningson - Drums
Matias 13 - Guitar


Rosa Iahn (Vocals, Lyrics), Bjoern Hennigson (Drums, Guitars), Matias 13 (Guitars) and Tim Schande (Bass) have been working on their peculiar musical vision for more than a decade already. In times, in which electronically driven sounds are the state of the art, the Bloodys simply didn't give a fuck and never even dared to think about stopping to work on their very own ideas, which of course are based on their love for sinister guitar music.
Against all odds, i.e. trends and hypes, Bloody Dead And Sexy showcased their status as _the_ diamonds in the rough, and up to this very day, they're trying their best in order to season all ingredients of their musical mixture to the point of Deathrock perfection......