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Deathcamp Project

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Deathcamp Project
Deathcamp Project

Deathcamp Project
Deathcamp Project

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, deathrock, Gothic, Gothic Rock


Band members:

Void - vocals, guitar, lyrics
Betrayal - bass, electronic, production


Deathcamp Project was formed in October 2001 as a direct reaction to an obvious lack of goth-rock sounds within Polish dark, independent music scene. During the last 11 years have Void and Betrayal created their own, intriguing mixture of sounds taking their inspiration from goth-rock of The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, The Cure and Fields of the Nephilim, deathrock of Christian Death, electro sound of Clan of Xymox as well as murderous sound of a drum machine (a nod towards industrial group Laibach).The combination works well with a polished, dark image the band presents on stage. Rhytmic and somewhat catchy songs combined with an original tone of Void’s voice make the band easily recognisable on both Polish and international independent scene. Simultaneously they have acquired a faithful following.