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Castle Party 2010

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The festival fever figuratively, as well as literally - due to the searing heat, infected Bolków for a few days. It was the 17th edition of Castle Party. Although the muggy air was really getting to everyone, over 5000 fans from the whole Poland, as well as other countries, came to Bolków to relish its particular atmosphere. It should be mentioned that the estimated number of fans regards only the ones who had bought the tickets earlier; however, there were some people who arrived in Bolków at the time for the sheer atmosphere, not the music itself, or to simply become a part of the land of the darkness, which Bolków turns into for these three magic days.

On the first day of the festival, the concerts traditionally took place on the small stage. Despite the fact that majority of the bands performing there were at least worth a bit of attention, people just could not enjoy their shows, as there was not enough room to swing the cat in front of the stage, let alone dance or listen to the music in a comfortable way. It was getting more than annoying towards the night, when the headlining bands were about to take the stage. Unfortunately, the inside courtyard, where the small stage is usually set, is too crampy, which often brings organizational problems that cannot be ommitted in any way possible. Let's forget about those flea-bites and proceed to the performances.

The first concert turned out to be quite a surprise as the fisrt band which was to give a show – Grey/Scale did not manage to arrive in Bolków. Instead, Japanese Gothica took the stage with its vocalist, thrilling the audiance with his particularly anime-like voice. It was clearly visible that the band fully enjoyed the possibilty of playing a concert, the crowd was no different, excuding enthusiasm as Gothica played.

1 SE -Overture-
2 Gusano (featuring Selia)
3 Abattoir
4 Army march drawn sword police
5 Echolalia
6 Enola Gay (OMD)

The Violet Tribe:

The girls from Germany did quite a good job. Despite their fancy, colorful outfits, amazing choregraphy, belly dancing, they turned out to be impressive musically, as well. The tracks they treated the audiance to were decently diversified and the whole performance had sort of ethno hint. It is extremely pleasant to get to know new music, which one were not familiar with before and which can make leave such a positive impression, as the one of The Violet Tribe's does.

1 The donkey's fiddle machine
2 The steam song
3 Ministry of steel
4 Against constancy
5 Lamma bada yatathanna
6 Hurriya

Otto Dix:
A figure of white hair and face appears onstage. Wearing a black, lack coat. Michael Draw, a man possesing an extraordinarily opera-like voice, is artfully disguised as female, seemingly hiding his identity. His vocal, combined with dark wave, sounds really good. The crowd, enchanted, was gazing at Otto Dix as if hipnotized. Everythin was in its place – starting from an original vocal, through the melodic tracks, to very interesting, eye-catching scenery. Michael perfectly mastered that particular ability of moving his limbs in a manequin or robot-style. His mimics was so expressive that he must have either learned it by heart to capture it later, or have been feeling the music to such an extent that he was beyond the world of human kind. This Russian band deserves a great accolade and an applause, which it received that evening.

That concert had long been awaited. The whole spaced quickly filled up with the audiance. I have to admit that the Polish folk, which the band played that evening, was truly up to the mark. No fancy outfits are needed in this case to see a positive feedback and evoke admiration. If one had organized a competition for the livliest performance, the main prize would have surely gone to Żywiołak. Clear vocal of the singer with bizzare instruments created something really distinctive. Their show seems to have been a sort of a story told by some primeval Polish people.It was a great honor o be a part of that story and the end had to be marked by a thunderous applause.

Faith and The Muse:

More than a person marveled at the acoustic performance of the band. A distinctive voice of Monica Richards combined with the sound of violin resulted in something really good. Yet, the drums striaght from Japan were the main point of their show. They created particularily mystical atmosphere, which perfectly suited the Friday night. The number of fans was not deceasring; they were standing still, their eyes fixed on the band, they ears absorbing the sounds greedily.


Theatres des Vampires:
A very specific musical project of a vampiric image befitted the overall atmosphere in a perfect way. A particular aura, which was emanating from the band throughout the concert, could be literally felt in the air. Their performance could not have been complete without dark props such as a book in flames. The band truned out to have been really successful, as far as the music and sounds are concerned. The show was given with a true passion and it will undoubtedly be kept in the audiance's memory.
1 Intro
2 Kain
3 Pleasure and pain
4 Angel of lust
5 Unspoken words
6 Rain
7 La danse macabre du vampire
8 Blood addiction
9 Wherever you are


In blood we lust

Alec Empire:
He kicked it off in a real, rock'n'roll way, in a literal sense of the world. A destroyed mic and some technical problems were no obstacles to him and Alec kept on performing, raving onstage. More and more people were gathering at the courtyard, tempted by the real digital hardcore sound. All fans of Alec must have been satisfied with what he gave. Nothing more to add.

And One:

The fans crowded the whole courtyard. It was clearly visible that the band gaind quite a popularity not only in Germany. Having seen their show at this-year Amphi Festival I can state one thing – they played in the very same way. It was comparably great. The band did include their world-famous hit "Militray Fashion Show" in their setlist, to the joy of everyone. Their sound was definitely melodic, I'd even dare to say a bit 'pop-like'. Steved bowed for the Polish audiance and waved a Polish flag – the things which have been always regarded as kind of the one who is performing.


The only full-electronic performance at the festival of the band known mainly from discotheque hits, did not manage to attract such a number of people which it should have done, according to all expactations. Dressed in white, Jan l., using his laptop once again proved that the music can be itself without any instruments. Despite everything, it seemingly did not appeal to the lovers of traditionally gothic music who were not excessively numerous at the show. To my surprise, the performance itself could have been regarded as a bit of a static one, despite the energetic music. One thing is sure – the concert of Noisuf-X cannot be compared with other shows, as it was the only gig of that genre at the festival.

Intro+Last Dance
Please Hang Up
Deutschland braucht Bewegung
Hans Dampf
Hit Me Hard
Fucking Invective
Beats and Bass
I Am Watching You
Shut Up (4:51)

Faith and the Muse:
It was the second performance of the band at this year's edition of Castle Party. Even unintentionally one is willing to draw a comparison between their two separate concerts. The second one took place at the main stage and way a way livlier than the first one. It was not acoustic this time. Yet, similarily vivid and distinctive. However, If I were to choose the one I prefer most, I would rather opt for the Friday one. Nonetheless, it has to be admitted that the Sunday performance deserves recogniton and was by all means worth seeing. The turn-out at the show was more than decent. The space nearby the stage was almost as full of people as it was during their acoustic performance. It is worth admiration that the group managed to attract a full capacity crowd to their two concerts, separated by only 24 hours, and to mesmerize the people, as if they had seen Faith and the Muse for the first time.

Clan of Xymox:
The band prepared a surprise for their fans. A concert DVD was recorded during their performance in Bolków. Clan of Xymox has had pleasure to play at the earlier editions of Castle Party – maybe that was a reason for such a tribute to Polish audiance? Clan of Xymox, which have grown to a sort of cult in the gothic subculture, never dissapoints their fans regarding the shows they give. The band does sound much better live than on one of their numerous albums and has an extraordinary gift of attracting people, who do not concern about being forced to sqeeze in order to see their favorite group, to their semi-theatrical performace. I dare to say that even if they played every year at Castle Party, each and everyone who would arrive there would be equally captivated and charmed as if he or she saw it for the first time. Let's top it up with unchangeably, typically gothic arrangement combined with wonderfully fabulous music, which prevents a prospective grumbler from picking on the show. One may do nothing else but praise Clan of Xymox for yet another successful performance.


The concert was almost one-hour late. Loud booing and yelling of the people were to no use. At last, the band appeared on the stage, which had earlier been decorated with twisting serpents. In the whole history of Castle Party, there had never been such a dark performance. Yet, it is difficult to estimate whether it is an advantage or not. Musically, Behemoth was fundamentally different than other bands included in the line-up. Death metal sound shoke the whole town. Visually, the band could not be faulted with anything – traditionally, everything from thorns to leathers was prepared in an impeccable way. Unfortunately, the greatest 'fuss' was being made about "Doda" - a faincee of Behemoth's singer, rather than about music itself. After about three tracks the crowd started to disperse but the dark roars could be heard even far from the castle.

When the time is ripe for saying final 'goodbyes', one forgets about the sun, blistering heat or the rain. One forgets about having suffered from extremely uncomfortable shoes or from hangover, which appeared unexpectedly after the night spent on feasting. While leaving Bolków, you know you will be looking back only to the joyful moments, feeling an increasing longing for what has to stay behind, being only a memory, until the next year, until the next edition of Castle Party, when everything will commence again.

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