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Dark Sounds Festival 2016

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On 25th June 2016, Saturday, we had the pleasure to admire in Poznań the first edition of Dark Sounds Festival. The organizers of this event, SynthNoir Booking & Promotion & Dark Asylum Team, in every possible way made the Dark Sounds Festival a great show, and they succeeded. Among the bands that played on that evening in the Eskulap club, were: Dark Side Eons, Mondträume, Electro Spectre and the Covenant.
At the beginning the gathered were intensively warmed up by DJ James (Back to the Violator/Warsaw), who played music from the '80s. Among tracks played during his set were such hits as: Depeche Mode "Just Can’t Get Enough", Yazoo "Don’t Go" Visage "Fade To Grey", The Cure "Love Song." However, the farewell song was "With Or Without You" from U2.

The first band that played on that night was Dark Side Eons from Poland, who recently qualified on the first place in competition for performance at the Austrian Schattenwelt Festival. The duo consists of Leszek "Morph" Trzaska and Kasia "Moonskin" Trzaska. The group presented in a powerful style their electro-industrial/electro-wave sound. Extremely original image and strong beginning in the form of "Eclipse", attracted the audience near the stage. The title track from the album that is planned to be released in the autumn this year, which is also the duo’s debut studio album, sounded incredibly hard. Complex electronic of the synthesizers, over and over crossed by the majestic sounds of the guitar, made the audience tremble. Then resounded subsequent heavy pieces, filling the room with their sounds. Breath could be caught during the introduction to "Ghosts" – we all will become ghosts someday...

Mondträume, the Spanish duo appeared with line-up consisting of Damasius Venys and Daniele Jaeger. Unfortunately, Pikotto Vond Mond’s health condition, caused that he could not take part in this event. Among tracks played by the band were the biggest hits as "Empty", "Life is Short", "Broken Wings" and "Far From Pain". Damasius Venys also prepared a nice surprise for the fans, in the form of the group’s latest track, "Free". The song won a great applause from the audience. The ballad-like melodies and powerful sound of the synthesizers, which are the trademark of their repertoire, created good mood among the gathered near the stage.

Another band that performed on that evening - Electro Spectre, left no time for respite to the gathered, since the beginning. The powerful beats and the fast pace of subsequent songs, encouraged to enjoy the show even more passionately. Unique voice of Alexander Björneboe dominated over the band’s melodic line. "Beautiful Lies" resounded extremely beautiful. Melodic synthesizers and female vocalist, who supported with her intriguing vocal musicians during the show, created a wonderful, distinctive atmosphere.
When the level of expectations began to reach its peak, and all gradually, more or less, were quietly getting ready for the main band of this festival – Covenant, on the stage appeared, greeted with a loud applause Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius and Daniel Myer. After their arrival in Poznań’s airport, the group had a really unpleasant surprise - it turned out that the Covenant flew in one plane, while their belongings were dispatched in another one. However, not discouraged by this unfortunate twist of fate, the artists were having unusually warm attitude. Another surprise, this time to the public, was a new hairstyle of Eskil Simonsson, who on this occasion was bald. Many people did not recognize their idol, until he started to sing.
In Eskulap club it was getting hotter, and the musicians from the Covenant gave all their best, proving once again their class and professionalism. The audience accepted each of the subsequent songs with thunderous cheers, getting crazy with musicians along the rhythm of the played tracks.
Among set played on the Dark Sounds Festival were tracks like "Bullet," "Ignorance and Bliss", "Leaving Babylon" and "Last Dance". Each of the following songs was greeted with an enthusiastic ovation.
During the Covenant’s show, on the scene was a rather ascetic illumination, allowing to see only the outline silhouettes of performers. In addition, the atmosphere was created by the smoke, which was creating a quite unique bond between the band and fans. The exception was the "Lightbringer" - during this track on stage was a little more light, and during the final Daniel Myer came out to the public, to shout together with the fans "hey" to the microphone.

After the Covenant, for all those who were still lacking sensations ;) there was prepared the after party by Alex Hunter (Dark Asylum Team/Łódź).
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