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M'era Luna 2007

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As every year Friday evening we arrived (with many amusements connected with the bad weather) at my favorite German festival. As it was Friday we quickly made our tents ready and went to Before Show Party but unfortunately the journey exhausted us and we died like flies and went to sleep as soon as possible because concerts were many and strength only one.


I have seen Lola Angst live for the first time in my life and I admit that this formation made a huge impression on me. One may say that it was as huge as columns of fire that came out of organs which was one of the instruments on the stage. Still, from what I have heard, the band complained about the stage being too low and the flames could only reach 2 or 3 meters high – but maybe it is better that way. Anyway Lola should make a hit with many people as on my own example I may say that some of the melodies I was humming for few days after.

Client played very well … for first four numbers and after that the wind of monotony blew from the stage. However, the performance was good as far as I can judge.

Dark Independence German Scene has a few music genres in its sleeve; one of them – although with indefinite name – it's a combination of gothic with elements of electro and rock. Additional flavor are specific instruments which bands of this genre play and as an effect we also have a bit of folk in this mixture. One of the representatives of that music cocktail is Cultus Ferox which gathered a lot of people under the stage. After seeing a bit of the show I understood why the genre is so much liked – it's so explosive that either live or not it is rousing. It was so in the case of Cultus Ferox. The audience was riot through whole show and so was the band. The only disadvantage of the concert was the time – people were clearly disappointed it has finished.

Covenant - in the smaller squad as the keyboarder Clas was absent and was standing in for Daniel Myer – gave a very good show which was received w ith enthusiasm. Eskil, enchanted by the audience, thanked it several times with words "Greetings from Sweden, with love". Compared to the concert I have seen in Poland I would give 8.5 points out of 10 to M'Era Luna show whereas only 5 for Polish show.

Nosferatu as the name indicates was the example of the old goth rock school. I haven't even found any fault in it, either in visual effects or music they presented to the listeners.

Dir En Grey is a piece of sharp music from the borderland of metal and hardcore. Not everyone was expected this when coming to the show and many was mislead by the image of the band and the fact that before the concert they were given black balloons. However, both fans of the group and those who were shocked by the sound of it remained till the end because those five little gentlemen showed great scenic outburst of the energy – physical as well as musical.

If any of you would like to witness incredible music and visual show I encourage you to attend concert of American performer Emilie Autumn. Except of interesting music (she combined classical music with punk and industrial naming the combination "victoriandustrial") and interesting melodies the singer serves us fairy image. The trump card of the show and Emilia is her voice because the songs sang in sweet melodic voice suddenly turn into beast-like howling. And no one would have expected that in such a petite woman one can find so much strength. In my opinion it was the concert worth of listening and seeing.

And One is one of the disappointments that happened to me on this year's M'Era Luna. After listening the whole concert I am sorry to say the music level gentlemen from And One presented drove the audience mainly to weariness. All the effort of playing the best hits and moving the people were dashed to the ground. The last grain of mustard-seed was performing the cover o Project Pitchfork's "Stealrose" … and the song should have been left alone because the cover was as bad as the whole show.

As a pleasant stepping stone I went to Suicide Commando concert being certain that it would be absolutely successful … and it was indeed! Johan Van Roy, despite his age, demonstrated quite big part of his outwork that we had an opportunity to hear on his latest album, and compilation " X.20", interwoven with the greatest hits such as famous and unmistakable "Hellraiser". Eruption of energy on stage and under it made temperature rise to the level where I had to leave and hear the rest of the concert from outside. It doesn't change the fact that I consider this show as one of the most successful of the festival.


Once upon a time I had a chance to listen to "Headscan vs. Implant – An Exploration In Techno" album on which Headscan and Implant presented some interesting compositions among which Headscan have made definitely better and more interesting set. Since then some time have passed and I had an opportunity to see Implant live. Unfortunately, as on mentioned album, the duet from Belgium had the same poor quality live as on the compilation - pity.

Warren Suicide is some kind of "freak of music". For the first time I have seen them on this year's Wave Gotik Treffen and it was there I was surprised. The band combines alternative, electronic music and punk insets with visualizations and strange decorations stemming from "Happy Tree Friends" – almost sweet yet a bit gruesome and with tongue in cheek. It doesn't change the fact that Warren is worth listening as this Anglo-German duet creates something absolutely unique. And it is hard to achieve these days. "Hello Hello My name is Warren Suicide" will spin in my head for long.

I have seen Diorama for the second time in two weeks and as one can expect in I was satisfied in both cases. I wasn't of course the only one because the public started crazing about as soon as rehearsal started and Felix entered the stage repeating in his gorgeous voice "m'era luna". The crowd was howling with delight. As it went further it was even better. It was pity to leave especially that their next concert for me to see won't be until next year.

If I was to give example of unsuccessful side-project of particular band I would certainly list Rabia Sorda among one of three. Making Hocico Erk should have stood by harsh vocal and very good side-project Dulce Liquido. Rabia Scorda must be a music joke because it is such "nothing" with unresteered Erk's voice (and he doesn't sound good in this version, to put it mildly). Those who were absent will live in the state of blissful ignorance. The rest suffered on their own wish.

The Crüxshadows i.e. electro-gothic project from USA known from its unchangeable stage image and visual effects. However, this time the image has been slightly refreshed as Rouge got a new hairdo and Jessica and Sarah new glow-like costumes. Apart from that nothing has changed – Rouge runs all along he stage and climbs the construction pillars (two years ago he climbed exactly the same one as this year – he might have chosen the second one for a change ;)) and the dancers are writhing around he stage making male part of the audience scream with delight. Even though the concert was not a novelty it came off very well and it was worth listening new compositions and old hits.

A nice surprise for the festival is German formation Welle:Erdball which sounds exactly as the old, good Kraftwerk. The show with an interesting image (robots' masks and specific way of movement) combined with the fact that one of the instruments used to play was legendary Commodore 64 couldn't have passed without my notice. I admit that I have to catch up with music because surely I have omitted supreme band and it's high time to change it. My advice to all future audiences – if you don't know the band and do like minimal-electro music the concert is worth listening and seeing.

In spite of existing for over 25 years its phenomena still exists and many of contemporary bands envy Skinny Puppy for their energy on concerts. Anyone who has ever seen Kevin Key and his crew knows perfectly well that it is very spectacular and winding kind of show. This time it was almost the same and nothing bad can be said about it. In case of music the concert was great and additional points from me for performing in full sun and inhuman temperature – I can't even imagine how hot Kevin must have felt in his stage costume. As for me it was the concert of the festival.

The only thing I can say about IAMX is that it made no impression on me. Musically it was acceptable though very melancholic and wailing. Image of the band do not help the image at all. The only advantage of IAMX is that it sounded similarly as on its album so let's hope that after one year of touring and there will be something to listen to.

The performance of Deine Lakaien and Frankfurt Philharmonic Orchestra made a monumental impression on fans who took all possible space – not only under the stage but everywhere. I had a feeling that everybody was waiting for that concert and anyone who hasn't been previously on IAMX came. Twenty thousandth people impressed me a lot. The duet of Horn and Veljanov were unaffected and with the help of the Orchestra placed on the stage they gave a brilliant concert, which was carefully watched by everyone. In my opinion Deine Lakaien should be the star of this year's edition of the festival as both élan and performance connected with gathered audience showed.

I have seeh only the little part of Anne Clarke's concert. Besides I am not familiar with her works and all I can say is that for many people who came to see her it was very good show – I recognized only one song and feeling ignorant I went away. ;)

I guess that The Jesus And The Mary Chains is the legend band for the time of its existence but I disagree with the fact that it was the star of the festival for as on Deine Lakaine show there was no space at all, because as I mentioned it was all taken by the fans, on the headliner concert one could easily take place under the stage because people weren't many. There's no wonder because gentlemen were dragged on stage from shadowy past and they had no intention to play so when it ended both public and the band were happy.

And so it was the end of another festival's edition and as every year at the end of the good festival tears were drawn. Yet let us not mourn because next year there is another one and let's stick to it as the next one will be as good as this year's or even better.

Translator: Dobermann
Add date: 2007-10-09 / Live reports

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Writen at: 2007-08-08 01:31:16
Quote - - ta czerwona czaszeczka którą mam na zbroji to właśnie logo drop dead festu :P

E tam... opowiadasz ;)

Writen at: 2007-08-07 20:09:03 - ta czerwona czaszeczka którą mam na zbroji to właśnie logo drop dead festu :P

Writen at: 2007-08-07 11:20:26
Z kasą akurat problemów by nie było u mnie..
Tylko z terminem :/
Do 6 września nie mogę mieć ani dnia urlopu :(
Za to później sobie odbiję :]
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Writen at: 2007-08-07 11:15:56
Quote - szoda slow po prostu ;) tak czy siak niech leszcze siedza w PL i tracą jeden z najlepszych festów i odkładaja kase na kolejne kreacje na LANS Castle Party XD
ja nie jadę z przyczyn osobistych, a nie wszystkich powymienianych ;) nits to, mam więcej czasu na odkładanie kasy i organizację wyjazdu na przyszły rok, więts nie odpuszczę na pewno :P
Writen at: 2007-08-07 10:24:23
Quote - szoda slow po prostu ;) tak czy siak niech leszcze siedza w PL i tracą jeden z najlepszych festów i odkładaja kase na kolejne kreacje na LANS Castle Party XD

...a to inna sprawa :) przejebane lekko się robi na tym festivalu - kultura audiowizualna, każdy ma kurwa aparat choć nie potrafi nim robić zdjęć i wszyscy pstrykają sobie nawzajem fotki.

Widzę w tym rozwinięcie pewnej myśli Freuda, niemniej jednak biorąc nawet poprawkę na to - jak i na 10 czy też 11 Castle Party'owych imprez odznaczonych zardzewiałym gwoździem na moim przedramieniu - jestem coraz bardziej zniesmaczony :D

Wracając do MEra Luna... może nie powinienem sobie psuć opinii ortodoxa, ale co mi tam - niech się publicznie ucieszę: AND ONE AND ONE AND ONE :)

Added: 2007-08-07 02:27:54

Quote - DEATHROCK - relax, wypijemy za to pod sceną :)

Karola, trzymam Cię za słowo - to już będzie 3ci fest jak się widzę z Wami na przestrzeni miesiąca - swoisty rekord, a jeszcze nie mieliśmy okazji się napić... ja zapraszam :D

Writen at: 2007-08-06 21:36:42
swoją droga jak można skini papi do hangaru dać i to jeszcze jako trzecich od konca? :| ble :|

Added: 2007-08-06 21:36:42

Uwaga dostałem takie oto info z prośbą o zamieszczenie:

Elficzka i Faust wezmą 2 osoby na M'Era Lunę - 100zł od osoby wyjazd z wrocka. Telefon kontaktowy 698 640036

Writen at: 2007-08-06 08:05:41
DEATHROCK - relax, wypijemy za to pod sceną :)

Dober, cichaj, bo Cię do bagażnika wrzucę:)

btw. wiem, że w tym roku część ludzi zdecydowała się jechać na Summer Darkness, tez przyjemny festek, więc pewnie i dlatego, a może ( lub przede wszystkim) finansowo jest ciężko, nie mówiąc, ze i sił brak, chyba w tym roku na fasolowej kawie bedę 3 dni jechać, ale Deine i Covenanta zobaczę . i skini papi, a co :)

Writen at: 2007-08-05 23:43:54
ja np nie mam urlopu, cały łikend tłuke w pracy po to aby móc sie w piatek urwac i w poniedziałek spóźnić :P

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niektorym ciezko dostac urlop w ogole a co dopiero na raty tak zeby obskoczyc wszystko co ciekawe :)

Writen at: 2007-08-05 22:07:58
szoda slow po prostu ;) tak czy siak niech leszcze siedza w PL i tracą jeden z najlepszych festów i odkładaja kase na kolejne kreacje na LANS Castle Party XD