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God's Bow

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God's Bow
God’s Bow press photo 2007

God's Bow
God’s Bow

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, ethereal


Band members:

Agnieszka Kornet – vocals
Krzysztof Pieczarka - keyboards, programming


God's Bow was formed in 1997 in Szczecin (Poland) by keyboardists Krzysztof Pieczarka (KeyP), SidjaGG and singer Agnieszka Kornet. All musicians brought in their know—how and the experience from various previous projects. The band's first public appearance took place in the same year at Castle Party — Poland's biggest dark wave festival. After an excellent performance God's Bow were contacted by a Polish record company Black Flames Rec. to which the band were signed almost on the spot.Shortly afterwards they released their debut album entitled "Twilight". 

In 1999 the album was distributed by Dion Fortune/SPV throughout Western Europe. Additionally, several album tracks appeared on various compilations. "Twilight" received positive reviews throughout and brought the band a large number of fans outside their home country. Subsequently, God's Bow were invited to play significant events in Germany and Sweden.

In 2000 SidjaGG left the band. About the same time God's Bow got in touch with the German band Endraum. The two bands felt on the same musical wavelength and as a result of this Roman Rütten became the producer of the band's second album "What's beyond the suns", which was released in Poland in autumn 2001. In January 2002 God's Bow won the Euro Rock Indoor Festival Contest in Antwerp (B) and was invited to play in at the Euro Rock Festival in the summer. 
In the same year "What's beyond the suns" was distributed throughout Europe by Strangeways/Indigo. The band was featured in all significant German dark wave magazines, e.g. Zillo, Orkus, Sonic Seducer and appeared in diverse print media in other European countries. God's Bow toured as special guest with The Crüxshadows and Deine Lakaien and performed at Castle Party Festival (PL), Herbstnächte (D), Dark Nation Day (A) and others. 

Autumn 2002 saw God's Bow supporting Deine Lakaien on their second leg of the "White Lies" tour. On 15 nights over 20.000 people got the opportunity to become familiar with the Polish duo. 

In 2003 God's Bow performed at major European music events such as Euro Rock Winter Festival (B), Wave Gotik Treffen (D) and headlining Le Fantastique Night (B). A track called "Ein letztes Mal" was the result of the renewed collaboration with Endraum and was released on Endraum's album "Traumstaub". 

In 2004 God's Bow gave a very special performance at the Castle Party Festival. For the first time the band's line up was extended by the cellist B.Deutung (Deine Lakaien, Mila Mar, The Inchtaboktables), the Mila Mar drummer Lars Watermann and Adam Dziewiałtowski-Gintwont (Cotton Field, Dikanda, La Foret Sacree) on percussion.
In the meantime, the concept of the band's third album became more clear. God's Bow returned to their own studio spending the several months on recording and mastering. The work on "Follow" and single "Helpline" was finished in the 2006/2007. Album "Follow" contain the bonus CD witch feature alternative song versions and remixes by well-known artists such as :Wumpscut:, Psyche, Controlled Collapse, Endraum, The Frozen Autumn, Hungry Lucy, God’s Own Medicine, DJ Kenneth’A and more.

2006/2007 God’s Bow have recorded and produced several remix tracks for other artists. The latest work includes Psyche’s "Unveiling The Secret" song, "This Above All" von Mind:State, "Remember One Thing" von :Wumpscut:, "Vrijdag" von Dark Territory and many more.

26 october 2007 long awaited album "Follow" was released.