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Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, Gothic Metal


Band members:

Agnieszka Leśna - vocal/lyrics
Krzysztof Chorąży - guitar / samples
Robert Pląskowski - keyboards / samples
Szymon Świerczyński - bass guitar
Arkadiusz Wachowicz - management

Ex-band members:

Agata Pawłowicz - vocal/lyrics


DESDEMONA was founded in 1996 by the group of close friends whose dream was to make ambitious music. After signing the contract with MORBID NOIZZ label, the band released their first album entitled "STAGNACJA" in 2000. Due to help of Black Wings Records "STAGNACJA" was also released in Japan (in 2000). At this time JOANNA RADŁOWSKA (a vocalist) decided to abandon the group. The audience was able to see her performing with DESDEMONA during CASTLE PARTY in 2000.  The next vocalist became AGATA PAWŁOWICZ. Her charismatic personality was admired by the fans of dark music during CASTLE PARTY in 2001. 

The next stage in the history of DESDEMONA was connected with signing the contract with METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS.  It resulted in releasing the second album of the band "s.u.p.e.r.N.O.V.A." in 2003. It received a lot of positive reviews from music critics and fans. The song "XI IX" reached the top  in TV music programme called VIVA ROCK. The band went on a tour which was the part of DARK STAR FESTIVAL, that is, a music festival of the biggest Polish alternative acts. DESDEMONA played along with MOONLIGHT, DELIGHT, ARTROSIS and  FADING COLOURS.

In 2003 Robert Pląskowski (a keyboardist) joined the band. At this time DESDEMONA supported TYPE O NEGATIVE during their concert in Poland.
In 2004 the group released their third album entitled VERSION 3.0. The record was full of industrial and electronic sounds which was a new experiment for the band. More industrial style of DESDEMONA was approved by the critics in Poland and abroad as well as by the fans. The group went on the promoting tour as the part of the second edition of DARK STARS FESTIVAL. Besides, the band played along with TIAMAT and PAIN during their Polish tour. As a result, the first DVD of DESDEMONA entitled "Live 3.0"was released in 2005.

In 2005 Mariusz Frąszczak abandoned the band. The new member of DESDEMONA became Szymon Świerczyński. At the moment DESDEMONA is working on their new album.