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Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark ambient, martial industrial


Band members:

Grzegorz Siedlecki


Fantastic dark industrial from Poland by Grzegorz Siedlecki (who's also involved with Krepulec and totenhaus). 2004 - Horologium is born when "The Fire Sermon" album is sent to Fab of Divine Comedy Records from France. 2005 - The label releases the album as a limited CD edition in a beautiful sepia-coloured digifile. Two split CDs follow on different labels: "Sangreal" with Artefactum and "Kaukasus" with Moljebka Pvlse. 2006 – Some releases are out including: V/A "Pere-Lachaise" on Divine Comedy and "Songs for Hunters" MCD on Polish Bunkier Productions. Horologium play in Poznan, Poland with Moon Far Away and Desiderii Marginis. 2007 - For another full-length release Horologium team up with Belgium's Neuropa Records who publish "The World is not Enough" CD with an outstanding artwork designed by Nik Savaliev. A joint album "Eight Studies in Transition" with Swedish composer K. Meizter is released on Old Europa Cafe. 2008 – Horologium team up with Troy Southgate of H.E.R.R. and release "Earthbound", their 3rd full-length album to date, on Old Europa Cafe.