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Paranoia Inducta

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Paranoia Inducta
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Paranoia Inducta
Anthony Armagedon Destroyer

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark ambient, martial industrial


Band members:

Anthony Armagedon Destroyer


PARANOIA INDUCTA – a project brought to life in April of 2003. Anthony Armagedon Destroyer is the only permanent member (and creator of the band) and he works with a support of invited guests.

Fascination with widely understood anti-music (industrial, noise, harsh) has had huge influence on countenance of the band – their work belongs to area of Death/Dark Industrial or, as the band calls it, Apocalyptic Death Industrial. Huge range of interferences, murmurs, dronings and overdrives combined with monotonous rhythms and spots of sound is ideal reflection of modern world of advanced technology and, at the same time, fall and approaching destruction of modern society. Inhuman, cold, filthy and evil- this is the best characteristic of music created by this band.

Aside from Paranoia Destroyer, he also takes part in several less known projects, e.g. the dark ambient GOREGHAST, PANZERKAMPF making alien black industrial, NEDDFUL THINGS from the minimal dark ambient regions and WD - 40 - dark experimental generating electronic sounds, unidentified electrical impluses.