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Interview with Andy La Plaque

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Interview with Andy La Plaque - co-founder of Combichrist, Icon Of Coil and Panzer AG
Date of interview 6th March 2005, after the show during Balck Flames Festival 2 inside Blue Note club, Poznan.

Attack: Hello! What is your impression after this show, here, in Blue Note in Poznań?

: I am very satisfied and very positively surprised, honestly speaking, I had no idea what kind of reception we were going to meet tonight, we have never played here before, but it was great!

Attack: Where is the source of Your scenic energy?

: I take it from the audience, always from the audience! Even when the public is worse than usual I try to do my best. I have been doing this for many years but instead of aging and slowing down, I'm trying to move on, further and further!

Attack: Which one of Your projects You consider to be the best? Or perhaps You treat them equally?

-Andy: It is very hard to tell, because Icon Of Coil is a band consisting of three musicians, sometimes it is hard, but still it is very important band to me! Combichrist, on the other hand, it is only studio project giving me more freedom, I can do whatever I want, I feel even more complete and fullfiled with it during live performances. Panzer AG is also studio project, without any concert plans, we will see how it goes and we will think about future plans.

Attack: With today's two extra bises, including "Sex, Drugs & Industrie", You captured people's souls, it was amazing show! Congratulations! And we thank You!

: Thank you too!

Andy La Plaque was interviewed by Attack (
Poznań 06.03.2005 
Translator: Attack
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