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M'era Luna 2010

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German festivals are always a real adventure. Whether it’s an unforgettable party on nights preceding the concerts or a whole town full of variety of clothes’ shops - there‘s something for everyone. Most import_antly, there’s a diversity of music which would attract everybody, whether a fan of typically gothic sounds, nuts about the wide spectrum of electronic music or a rock and metal tones.


A woman in black long dress has been embraced by the violet scenic light. Her subtle, gentle vocals was suddenly becoming strong, momentarily even a growl. For those not familiar with the project it could have been a great surprise. During the performance some minor technical problems appeared but have been quickly handled and the lead singer came back on stage with a smile.

A formation from Australia confidently entered the stage. Latex-clad Asian woman and a man with a fake Mohawk. Unfortunately, apart from interesting costumes, the project has not brought anything worth attention. Insufferable singing (actually more of an attempt at rapping) by a woman known as DestroyX along with hackneyed electronic sound brought about - without a fear to use the proper term for it - cat music. I would sure be lynched by all the numerous fans for spreading such a heresy around yet my mind cannot be changed.

Lacrimas Profundere:
If it’s about dark sounds it has to be Lacrimas Frofundere. This German band won the hearts of many fans so it was really surprising to see so few supporters there. Nonetheless, the brave ones under the scene were not let down. The performance was eye-catching, the music pleasant for ears. We did not miss tracks such as "My Velvet little Darkness", "The Letter" or "Ave End". Rob Vitacc’s great vocals sounded as good as on CD’s. Lacrimas Frofoundere is definitely tested and tried in gothic rock.

Brendan Perry:
This gentleman does not need an introduction. Unequivocal master with unbreakable focus. Transcendental vocals and poetic aura make you want to close your eyes and dive into the abyss of sounds. When the hangar filled with "Utopia" there was no escape from the charm so perfectly created by Perry. There is no need for bouncy tunes, visual effects are redundant. Music alone is enough. In spite of all those assets of the show my opinion remains the same - music so highly emotive sounds at its best when performed privately.

Is there indeed any German who is not a huge fan of Laibach? It would seem that such a person does not exist. The space before the stage was completely filled. Despite of hundreds of supporters, however, you could notice - or rather hear - a defect. After 4 pieces the whole seemed rather monotonous, not to say boring. Little difference between the tracks, even rhythm, lack of change can be off-putting. Music created by Leibach deserves a distinction. Maybe the one hour performance was directed at the most devoted fans?

The next project adored by the audience of this year’s Mera Luna. One of few concerts where the hangar was easy to be seen. Not only was it completely filled with people, it was filled with dancing people. Catchy electronic tunes and pleasant vocals were definitely to be liked. The music seemed neither good nor bad. It was balancing in between never reaching any of the extremes.

Sisters of mercy:
When the smoke on the scene is pierced by the flash lights you know it’s a Sisters of mercy concert. The crowds filled the venue wall to wall, there was no space even by the food stands. You would not be able to squeeze a pin in between. Dressed in a white sweatshirt, Eldritch emerged from the unimaginable cloud of smoke. For years now his low voice delights the same. Flash lights went mad in tune with the "Temple of Love" and weaved themselves brilliantly into the signature tune of the band. We also did not miss the "First and the Last and Always" or "Rain from Heaven". It would seem that the festival folk was worshipping the god of the gothic rock. The audience did not stop staring at the scene until the last track has finished. As one would definitely expect from a music star, or shall I say - icon, the band kept their distance. I would be even tempted to say that this parsimony is a sort of a ‘savoir vivre’ among the celebrities in the industry, it has nonetheless remained unnoticed and the well-earned applause long echoed around the premises.


Punish Yourself:
It’s hard to forget a show this energetic! The music created by Punish Yourself was very distant from what was played on Saturday. Punk tunes with electronic undertones sounded very fresh and different not to say - genius. The project does not only surprise with the music but also with the image. The Punish brigade was all smeared with fluorescent paint colours starting with pink, through yellow to blue. The colours have probably something to do with how the band describe themselves: "Fluo Cyber Punk". Unexpectedly enough, the band was accompanied with a male mascot all painted in green who danced with orange laces ideally mixing with the punk rhythms. Incredible musical composition based on the contrast between the sharp guitars and Vincent Villalon’s shouty vocals along with the electronic melody deserve recognition. To be different, stand out from the festival line-up = Punish Yourself were definitely successful.

There are music groups you could call pleasant. Warm vocals and their good-looking owner, melodic tracks, nicely constructed shows everything always the same but with such charm! That’s how the German band Zeraphine present themselves. There is always a large group of fans who fall for this to be found. There is nothing out of the ordinary about them. Sven’s good vocals, guitars and warm atmosphere will always make the audience smile.

The 69 Eyes:
As one would expect, there was no shortage of audience. Goth’n’Roll band straight from Finland is very popular. They play the same way for years, changing nothing in their characteristic atmosphere they are so good at creating. If you add a unique, deep and dark voice of Jurki69 the success is guaranteed. Everything went as planned. From the very first moment the band formed a bond with the audience starting with "Framed in Blond". The fans were singing and clapping staring at the scene with smiles. Every successive track left you begging for more. As their third track they played "Gothic Girl" which got the crowd applauding with appreciation. After almost every track Jussi69 has thrown the drumstick into the audience who reached their arms every time in an attempt to catch it. The time has also come for the dark and slow "Wasting the Dawn" which then progressed into more lively "Feel Berlin". At the very end they have left the long awaited "Lost Boys". The supporters looked indefatigable, just like the band itself. The only thing between the audience and the band was the stage, no distance was to be felt. It seems like The 69 Eyes know what they’re doing and more import_antly - they like it.

Skinny Puppy:
Entering the hangar and staring at the phenomenal amount of fans it was obvious that the time has come for a real superstar. The true fan of the industrial music, without looking at the line-up, knew by the weird decorations on the scene that he was about to hear Skinny Puppy. Ogre, known for his psychedelic visualizations and scenic shows one could almost call a theatre performance, has acted once again. If you’d cut out the whole performance and leave but music it would still be very good. Tracks such as "Assimilate" or "Pedafly", welcomed with a huge applause, moved not only the old supporters but all of those gathered in the hangar. It was sultry from the multitude of people. As well as the from the emotions cased by the unique music of the mad Skinny Puppy.

How to describe a project that has been covered so many times? Every performance seems just like the last one. You could say that Combichrist has not let their fans down this time either. Andy has sung all the smash hits starting from the "Rain of Blood" through "Electrohead", "Without Emotions" to "Get Your Body Beat" and "Fuck This Shit". Not for the last time have the hopping fans went mad for Combichrist.

If you wanted to enjoy a the show in the front row you had be there way before the concert even started. Unimaginable mass of people made it impossible to move. Despite all this no one was complaining. Everyone waited, staring at the empty scene. When the moment everyone was looking forward to has finally come, the noise op applause spread all over the festival grounds. Time for the last, most awaited performance! There is a slight apprehension to rate music which sounds so delightful in the privacy of your own home. First impression - Brian Molko in a dressed in a white suit with his hat pulled over his head and black thick-framed glasses was getting lost on the immense stage. The all attention was focus on him thanks to the aura he always produces around him. Nobody would even notice a bomb explosion nearby until Molko has left the stage. They matched their guitar standard from the very beginning. The whole charm lies in the contact with real instruments, emphasized by the live performance. Molko was changing the guitar almost after every track. You can’t forget Stefan Olsdal either. Dressed in a shiny silver suit he valiantly accompanied or led the guitar feast. The repertoire was fairly predictable, tracks known and liked by everyone like "The Bitter End" or "Every me and Every You" appeared first. The audience sang them along with Brian not missing a single line. Hits like "Battle for The Sun" or "Nancy Boy" followed. The show would also be nothing without the "Song to Say Goodbye". Every proceeding track caused even more clapping. The audience, their eyes fixed at Placebo, seemed fulfilled. It most likely was, since meeting the Absolute is a guarantee of strong emotions. Unfortunately, despite the most genuine intentions, I did not notice the band reciprocating the moving atmosphere. The warm smiles have not left the faces of the performers, Brian even had a go at German. In spite of all that you could sense an invisible wall. You can’t blame them for lack of contact with the spectators, but you cannot say that it was strong enough to claim the band did its best. Good fun - tick. Energy - tick. Enthusiasm bursting from the scene - tick. The only thing lacking there was a bit of emotion, although the audience has made up for the band’s imperfections. Ecstasy was floating in the air. The dazed crowd expressed it by demanding more and more. Unfortunately the end of the performance was inevitable and along with it - the end of the festival.

Placebo, as a headliner of Mara Luna, was without a doubt the most spectacular performance. The almost cult band knows how to satisfy the spectators, knows how to manipulate their feelings. Taking control over hundreds of people is not a big challenge for them. Could there possibly be a bigger reward for the band? You could follow Placebo to the end of the world.

Translator: Poison_Ivy
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