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3rd Out of Line Weekender

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Signed by Out of Line label, a weekend-long festival was one of the highlights of the musical spring. Unsurprisingly - under the wings of this particular label there is a number of popular and talented artists. Thus, during the three nights of the festival, there was to see and hear an ensemble, mixed in good proportions, of rock and electronics at a high level.

Spring weather was fine, so the Alternation team was lazing around a bit – out of the eighteen planned concerts we participated 'only' in eleven.

**Friday 28.03.14**

Suicide Commando

In the rhythm of the "Bind, torture and kill" hit, the band jumped onto stage briskly, just to sweep the audience to a dance without any unnecessary preamble. Behind the artists visuals were displayed  - glamorous, but musicians don’t grace us with a new set – as usual we watched suicide victims’ bodies bathed in their own blood. Unfortunately, in the middle of the concert, Johan stumbled awkwardly, which resulted in ankle dislocation. Despite the attempts to fight the pain, after a few songs he gave up, excused the audience, and left the stage.


"Young Norwegian avant-garde" (as my friend says jokingly) promoted "We love you" album, released just three days earlier. After the climatic intro the five-member band appeared on stage. The most recent addition is a guitarist Eric 13, who has already managed to feel the hardships of traveling with CC on his own skin, more accurately, on his cracked (under the influence of brotherly love) ribs. Gentlemen, the masked Andy in the lead, began with almost 'metal' "We were made to love you", to smoothly carry the audience through the novelties and the old, proven numbers.
Show went off very well - compared to the previous tour there was noticeably less fooling around on stage, more honest playing. As usual, the strong point of the show was their close contact with the audience - already during the third song Andy jumped over the railing and disappeared in the crowd, Eric jumped (in fact, due to the ribs, scrambled) from the stage to the fan from the front row to snap a selfie, and the corset thrown from the audience was instantly pushed onto the nearest technical staff member. Combichrist is still shocking with their excellent form and the new pieces fitted sensationally.

**Saturday 29.03.14**

Ashbury Heights

The band I really anticipated. After the turmoil and troubles, just during OOLW the new vocalist had her debut. Beautiful, with a nice voice, but... horribly stressed out. Static. Unneeded (?). Unfortunately, the concert was in the end a little disappointing, although the leader did his best over the keys. Maybe if they removed the new friend from the stage it would have gone better?


Their music - causing the walls to tremble, parquet to vibrate and creating waves in the glass of beer - a solid beat, perfect to make the audience move. However, they lacked a little flair onstage, the glamour. I don’t expect the matured men to paint their eyes, dress up in uniforms, or make the remains of their hair stand but, personally, I don’t like when an artist onstage looks like he’s on grocery shopping. Simply, no.
Musically without drawbacks.

The Birthday Massacre

After electronic pleasures the time came to rock. Canadians with TBM have a faithful group of fans and followers, that, this evening, was also pretty visible in the audience. The charismatic, likeable Chibi and her lively bandmates gave their best to ensure a worthy entertainment to the fans. But I’ll complain again – about the band’s trademark, that sweet, childish voice. Definitely I was looking for a knob that would allow me to screw the 'squeak' into the 'sing'.


The very process of putting up (building? rising?) decorations on the stage was already quite an entertainment.
When all the dark stuff has been brought up, the rhythm section and strings installed themselves on the stage. I have to admit that their presence brought a lot to the musical side of the show.
The very spectacle was, as usual, bold and loaded with attractions - behind His Dark Majesty Pohl, scantily clad dancers were writhing and climbing the throne, or they were writhing led on a leash, and skinning... wait, I'm sorry, I mean, stripping each other.
It was worth to watch it, worth to dance to it and, as usual, Chris’ chat was witty.
Terribly tired from the dancing and hungry we went to our coffins, no, beds, time for a well-deserved rest... relax, I mean.

**Sunday 30.03.14**

Rabia Sorda

This time, Sunday was definitely not associated with a well-deserved relax. Right from the entrance the Rabia Sorda trio shook our guts (or maybe it's the speaker that was too close...) and didn’t allow to stop dancing before the end.
Strong start only sharpened our appetites...


One of the bands that I wanted to see "cos I haven’t yet seen". They came off - for me - unexpectedly well. Great music, great ideas for the stage show, exceptional extras, chorus, performance. There was a small glitch in the end, when one of the musicians went to share vodka with the audience in the front rows - mine, not the youngest, neighbor didn’t want to drink from a common tap, so she was basically restrained and doused. Inelegantly, dear band.

Lord of the Lost

Strong impact continued. The band dragged their belongings by themselves onto the scene, and then set to conquer the ears and hearts of gathered audience. Frontman Chris, apparently, has already healed his ribs, damaged during the American tour (a doom?), so he jumped around the stage like a young doe. A new drummer Tobias debuted (for the first time in Germany) with the band. The youngest from the band can boast about his over twenty years of experience in playing the drums, which he proved in a spectacular solo. Rockers from Hamburg rode through the audience like a roller over soft asphalt (not revealing, however, new pieces from the upcoming album - the only one they played was "Afterlife", already known from a video) and stripped them from the remnants of strengths before the next concerts.


What to do if your old band is playing your old songs but not necessarily to your liking? Well, gather up some friends and go to play these pieces as you want to. As Alex says - "We play once a year and this year it’s in Berlin." Mr. Wesselsky and his band presented a great mix of songs from the repertoire of Megaherz, and, by the barrier, I soared to the skies. Mr. Wesselsky, you are divine.


The last concert on the last day of the festival. Can anyone have any more strength left?
I think even the organizers decided to lull the audience with a calmer rock mood.
Little hall was a bit deserted, Staubkind played and played, eyes were closing and closing...
And in such a blissful atmosphere the time of the festival came to an end.
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